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Mar 20, 2011 03:38 PM

Looking for the new Ben & Jerry's flavors --any sightings?

trying to locate any or all of the three new Ben & Jerry's flavors: Late Night Snack, Red Velvet, and Clusterfluff.

Has anyone spotted these at any supermarkets?

We've tried our Vons here in Highland Park/Eagle Rock. No go.


Desperately craving! :)

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  1. Ben and Jerry's website has a flavor locator. If you can't find it near your home, maybe there's one around your workplace?

    Also, it looks like Clusterfluff is only available in the scoop shops.

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      1. re: cjla

        Thanks, cjla. And Charles, papuli, and servorg. :)

        The Flavor Locator doesnt have the new flavors as an option yet. We went to the scoop shop in Burbank; they had Late Night Snack, but not the other two. We tried a taste, and it was not bad. But I guess we're really holding out for the Red Velvet & the GI dust bunnies.

        Maybe they'll start turning up more places...

      2. I saw Late Night Snack and Clusterfluff at Gelson's in Silver Lake.

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          Who exactly came up with this particular name one wonders? Sounds like G.I. nomenclature for thoroughly screwed up militarized dust bunnies...

        2. Probably too far for you, but I found Late Night Snack at my local Albertson's in Upland two weeks ago. I've been told that the Late Night Snack flavor should be in the scoop shop by now. Good luck!

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            Both Late Night Snack and Clusterfluff are in the Howard Hughes Scoop Shops... it's pricerier, but you also can get a kids size and try them a little more guilt free...


            1. re: Dommy

              Late Night Snack was pretty good. The salty caramel was not salty enough for me. I found it amazing how the potato chips managed to stay crispy even though they had been coated in chocolate...usually chocolate-covered things get soggy. My only complaint was that (I felt) there wasn't enough salt to balance out the sweet.

          2. this is an older flavor, but i tried the new-ish maple blondie and it was amazing. pavillions on vine and melrose.

            1. Red Velvet, and Clusterfluff at Gelsons In Studio City. I'm still searching for Late Night Snack. I am not a huge ice cream eater, especially if it's overly sweet, but I've got to say, Clusterfluff was one of the best ones I've tasted in awhile

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                I don,t like sweet ice cream either.