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Mar 20, 2011 03:23 PM

Teresa's of Middleton

Lately, we have decided to stay local on the weekends. We are trying various restaurants along the North Shore. Well, so many people have talked about Teresa's we decided to go there. During the week, my husband called and made a reservation for 2 people.

Well, last time we walked into the restaurant, up to the podium and he said we had a reservation for two. No you don't we only take reservations for 6 or more. He pointed to his name in the reservation book seeing that it had been crossed out. No one told him when he made this reservation there were restrictions. There was a 45 minute wait unless we wanted to eat in the bar which didn't look too inviting. Needless to say we left...never to return with that attitude. To quote Seinfeld "You know how to take the reservation, but don't know how to hold the reservation." Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel it was more their error than ours and they could have seated us and explained their policy for the next time. Anyway, it doesn't matter because there won't be a next time.

Maybe we are missing out on terrific food...I don't know. But I don't need attitude when I walk into a place. Bye, bye Teresa's.

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  1. Drive a short distance north to Ralphie's on rt28 in Salem NH, great food, friendly, reasonable prices.

    1. Their food is okay, not great. I don't feel ike you are missing out on anything really.

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        I've eaten at Teresa's a couple of times, and I agree with mcel215.

        The only thing you missed out on is if you were so angry you forgot to go across the street to Richardson's to pick up some milk and ice cream!

      2. Hey, the old italian guy on their commercials aired during the phantom says that he's the owner and he'll do right by you if you have any problem. Shoulda just talked to him ;)

        Actually the key part of this statement has less to do with the owner's statement but where he airs his commercials.

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          OK, I believe in the PG boys, not!!

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            Well, I e-mailed them and apparently what happened doesn't bother them so that says alot about this restaurant. So far there has been no response and this happened two days ago. So I will pass the word to everyone I know and they now know not to bother eating at Teresa's. I guess they figure they only lost two customers with their attitude. Hopefully, there will be many more than that since I passed the word at work today since everyone was asking me how I liked Teresa's.

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              I'm not sure how far Bradford/Haverhill is to you, but if it's not too far go to Joseph's. It's yummo....

        2. We live nearby and have been to Teresa'a several times...two of us without reservations. We have never left feeling disappointed. The food (tried several items from menu) has been very good and the service excellent. On the occasions that the wait was long we accepted the suggestion to sit on the bar side. It was comfortable seating at tables or if you chose to, you could sit at the bar. The pizza from the limited menu was delicious!

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            Food or no food it was more their attitude. Your first impression of a restaurant. When you see your name crossed out of a reservation book and they had a phone number and didn't call to say an error was made then as far as I am concerned they can be a five star restaurant and they had their shot with me and didn't work to correct it. We didn't go there to have pizza. That's ok. There are plenty of better restaurants from what I am now reading on here. I will do my part for them and tell everyone be afraid.....be very afraid.

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              Good for you Marilu---I have enjoyed the place a couple of times, but after your posts I will not go in there again. And I will help you by telling people about your experience.

          2. We were thinking of trying Teresa's. Now I guess we won't. No excuse for their attitude.

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              I have never experienced a bad attitude. One person's poor experience doesn't necessarily mean it's that way all the time. The place is always busy. That says something. At the same time, I agree that an apology was in order.

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                The Olive Garden is also always busy. What's your point?

                Olive Garden
                8 Allstate Rd, Dorchester, MA 02125

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                  If you have someone as a host and they can't handle busy then they are in the wrong profession. Not only that, I also e-mailed the restaurant and have not heard a word from them so that tells me what they think of their clientele.

                  I am not going to beat this to death, but personally, I think no excuses can be made for them. I thank everyone for their support. Restaurants and all businesses need to be shown that they can't treat people any old way they please and expect you to take it and walk away quietly and then go back again.

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                    This is a discussion board. I am entitled to my opinion and others are entitled to theirs.

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                      I don't think anyone said you weren't entitled to your opinion. Go to Teresa's and enjoy. But while you're there, ask to speak to the manager and ask about the situation and why he/she couldn't be bothered to take 3 minutes and send an earnest response to a disgrunteld customer who had a bad experience and took the time to inform them of the same.

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                        In fairness, I'd give them a 2nd try but, this reminds me of Galvin's, they really had a 'tude and it led them to go away.

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                          Well, Treb you are nicer than I am. Unfortunately, even though I know everyone can have a bad night I'm not good at giving restaurants second chances. I think if you as the restaurant employee is having a difficult night....sorry but just suck it up, slap that smile on your face and go about your job.

                          Did you mean Gaven's? Yes, they went away because they too got too big for their britches. I recently ran into the bartender who use to work there, she now is a server at 9 Elm in Danvers. What goes around, comes around as they say.

                          1. re: marilu

                            Hoohah...Why should I speak to the manager? I have never had a problem at Teresa's and I don't even know the OP with the complaint. Not my issue. LOL!