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Mar 20, 2011 03:03 PM

Ashville Vacation Week: Philly CH Appreciates Help

Will be enjoying a week in Ashville, starting Sunday,April 8. I'm the CH, like seafood,ethnic, eclectic. Hubby a tamer eater, but both of us appreciate relatively quiet ambience so we can hear each other talk...

What are the 'don't miss' places, and what should we order there? Friends stayed last Spring, and raved about 12 Bones' ribs, so we have one casual meal to work in, but would like lots of suggestions for lunches and dinners, as well as a special breakfast place.

Last 3 days will be at Bent Creek Lodge, Arden, a different location from downtown Ashville. Appreciate suggestions for places close to Bent Creek also.

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  1. Some quick answers:

    Asheville is not really known for seafood, but you should do fine w/ ethnic adn eclectic.

    Don't miss spots: agree about 12 Bones (prepare to stand n line), Zambra, Admiral, Sunny Point, Ultimate ice Cream, Salsa (lunch). You might consider the Grove Park for your special breakfast. Their food is just so-so, but of you do the weekend brunch, you get to dine with an amazing view, and eat from a huge buffet. of so-so food mind you....

    Bent Creek lodge, is not far enough from Asheville for you to really consider the change of venue. It's less than 10 minutes to downtown. West Asheville choices are slighly closer...that would be Admiral and Sunny Point.

    Now that I've listed a few of my favorites, try searching with Asheville (don't forget the e) there are a zillion posts that will give you more info and opinions.

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    1. re: danna

      Good recs. I might quibble a bit about the Grove Park recommendation--they are not known for their food. It's okay as far as hotel food goes, but it comes nowhere near matching the incredible atmosphere and history of the place. I'd suggest going to the Grove Park for drinks only, just to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. It's well worth a trip, just not for the food.

      In addition to danna's recs, I'll add LAB (Lexington Ave. Brewery), Barley's Tap Room (pretty good pizza, even better beer selection, and pool tables upstairs!), the Lobster Trap (surprisingly good to be so far from the ocean), and Early Girl Eatery.

      Early Girl Eatery
      8 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801

      Lobster Trap
      35 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

      1. re: arbyunc

        Way to go, danna and arbyunc! I was starting to worry there! So, if not Grove Park, where would you suggest for good breakfasts? Our first three days at the Hotel Indigo do not include breakfast.

        We're senior citizens on the kinds of meds where alcohol doesn't cut it, so something approaching fine dining would be great, as well as ethnic.

        Thanks for the tip about my missing e in Asheville!

        Keep em coming, please!

        1. re: Bashful3

          Breakfast - Sunny Point (also good for lunch), Early Girl, Tupelo Honey, Over Easy.

          Fine dining - Zambra, Fig and read the thread on Curate. I haven't been there yet, but it looks promising.

          Make sure you spend some time at the NC Arboretum while you're staying in Bent Creek. The native azalea repository MIGHT be in bloom then. See the "bonsai" exhibit.

          Ethnic - Salsa (Carribean) , Doc Chey (americanized pan-asian fusion a regional chain, good for lunch)

          Fine Dining in a "Dive" - Admiral. Make reservations, this is Asheville's not-to-be missed restaurant.

          Tupelo Honey Cafe
          12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

          1. re: danna

            This is great. Really looking forward to our stay. Chow Hounds always come through for the traveling eater... Let me know when you come to visit in Philly!

            1. re: Bashful3

              No one mentioned Mela for delicious Indian and a really exceptional lunch buffet for something like $8.95. Really fresh food and always a lot of great choices. Also if you're in Blitmore Village, Rezzaz is very good for lunch and/or dinner and we like Corner Kitchen, but really only for breakfast or lunch.

              Corner Kitchen
              3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

              1. re: Bashful3

                I second the recommendation for Sunny Point - it's a nice spot. Avoid Bouchon, my wife and I had a truly terrible meal there last spring.

                I lived in Philly from 2005-2009 and absolutely loved it - what a great food town!

                62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

      2. Early Girl Eatery
        8 Wall Street
        Asheville NC, 28801

        48 College Street
        Asheville, NC 28801

        Laughing Seed Cafe
        40 Wall Street
        Asheville, NC 28801

        Tupelo Honey Cafe
        12 College Street and
        1829 Hendersonville Road
        Asheville, NC

        Salsa Mexican Carribean Restaurant
        6 Patton Avenue
        Ashville, NC

        Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria
        42 Biltmore
        Asheville, NC 28801

        Fiore's South Italian Comfort Food Restaurant
        2310A Hendersonville Rd
        Arden, NC 28704

        Black Forest Restaurant
        2155 Hendersonville Road
        Arden, NC