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Mar 20, 2011 02:17 PM

Best Pasta With Peas?

I have a bunch of fresh shelled English peas and wanted to make a killer pasta with it tonight. I could do it carbonara with pancetta but also wanted some other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I like the Jeff Smith/Frugal Gourmet Carbonara sometimes as a change, as I use peas, but the overall recipe uses cream or half and half, butter and tarragon wine vinegar along with eggs and the usual ingredients. Since it's a "bastardization" anyway, the peas go in and work well with teh acids, at least to me.


    1. We enjoy farfalle or bow-tie pasta with peas, thin slices of virginia ham, sweet onion, and asparagus tips in a creamy white cheese sauce. I prefer is to pan fry in some herb butter the cooked farfalle before adding in the other ingredients and sauce.

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        Yep - I do pretty much the same.

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          I'm liking this. I have pancetta but no ham and am thinking it would sub fine. Also have Vidalias (finally the season has arrived!) Any thoughts?

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            hey c o, go for it! pancetta would be delish and what's not to love about Vadalias. I'd pan roast the onions (sliced) with a tad of olive oil and add the pancetta at the toss altogether stage. Enjoy!

        2. I'm probably too late for dinner, but next time consider a veal ragout with fresh peas and your favorite pasta....I like it with gnocchi

          1. If I have fresh peas, I'm going to cream them. We eat peas and pasta but fresh ones! An old man,friend of my son, wanted to live long enough to have another "mess" ( shows where I'm from) of creamed peas and new potatoes. He didn't ,but if there's a heaven,that's what they would serve there.

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              How do you cream your peas MM? Looking forward to lots of fresh peas in the coming months, would love to try your recipe.

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                Just a plain old white sauce,now I think they're calling it a Bechamel. It's just what my Mama called a cream sauce. Real butter, flour, whole milk at the least, very simple ingredients but the goodness of the vegetables makes it wonderful. You will have lots of fresh peas? I'm so jealous, we are lucky if we get to eat them once or twice.

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                  MellieMag, you're making me so hungry...

                  We grow a lot of peas, and shelling can be a little tedious. What keeps me going every time, though, is knowing my reward is a delicious serving of teeny-tiny peas cooked just until heated through in a spoonful of heavy cream and a sprinkiling of fresh dill. Nirvana in a bowl!

                  Reward two is knowing they taste just as wonderful done up the same way out of the freezer in January.

                  Even though they'e one of the earliest seeds you can plant here on the barren toondra (MN), we've already started some in peat pots. Didn't grow enough last year, and ran out too soon. That'll never happen again.

                  1. re: sccrash

                    my mum made us shell peas every Sunday morning in summer to have with our roast lunch - that brought back memories!

                    love the idea of fresh peas in a cream sauce

              2. I love fresh peas! I've made this pasta a few times before always with many compliments. I am now wondering why I don't make it so often...

                Cook your pancetta in some oil in a large frying pan until crispy and then add a cup of your peas, 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic, 3oz of Boursin cheese and 10oz of cream. Stir over a low heat until the cheese has melted, removed from heat and add 3oz of grated parmesan and about 1/4 cup of chopped parsley. Stir in about 300gm of cooked pasta and enjoy!

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                    The Pasta ? Ditali /ditalini or tubettini and lentals