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Mar 20, 2011 02:07 PM

One sad, lonely leftover butternut squash. And it's spring. Help?

I can't bring myself to chuck the durn thing, but I can't bring myself to make what I'd ordinarily make -- an autumnal, rich, roasty something or other -- with it either! What to do with one butternut squash that'll say "spring" and not "winter's reject pile"?

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    1. LG, how about a curry with the squash and some coconut milk? Lamb, perhaps, or chicken?

      1. Now, if it is very old and a bit woody, my suggestion will be trash, but for something totally different, how about a raw squash salad? Saw Bittman do his on a video the other night but this cook offers up some thing slightly different:

        1. I really like this Ina recipe. It calls for roasted butternut, but the greens really change it up.
          Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette

          It calls for arugula, but I've also used spinach or a mix of the two. I carefully drizzle the dressing, probably use about half of what is called for. I also use different cheeses, depending on my mood. Ricotta salata is lovely with it.

          1. I had some roasted butternut in the freezer. Just finished making pear and squash soup with chicken stock, 1 pear, half an onion, grated ginger and some cayenne. Will add some cream before serving.

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              I've made a pear and butternut squash soup too! With a little cardamom. It was very interesting (in a good way)!