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ISO Delicious Sunday Brunch for 8, Preferably on Peninsula

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It's for a family reunion of sorts, and though everyone loves dimsum, most places are just too crowded and noisy on Sunday. (We also tend to sleep too late to get to Koi before it becomes a zoo.) My family enjoys almost every cuisine, but standards are pretty high: one is lives in Vancouver and often eats at Sun Sui Wah and Refuel (color my smiley green) and one is a chef in NY. Right now I'm thinking Mayfield Café, Shalizaar, and Tai Pan. Haven't been to Astaria in a few years. . . Village Pub was okay, but not enough choice on the menu. . .

If there is a place in the City worth a drive from Sunnyvale (and parking), we'd consider that, too.

300 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002

Village Pub
2967 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA 94062

50 East 3rd Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401

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  1. If you get up that late, you're not as restricted to brunch.
    How about Donato Enoteca? Crouching Tiger? Su Hong PA?
    Is spices 4 open for lunch on sunday? Can't tell from the website.
    Champagne in SM - if you reserve one of the rooms?
    Tai Pan is kind of deathly quiet and a small menu, don't you think?
    Saravanaa Bhavan?

    Su Hong
    1039 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025

    Crouching Tiger
    2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

    Donato Enoteca
    1041 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

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      Thanks, bbulkow! I'll add Donato and the Champagne private room to the short list, along with Shalizaar. I'm afraid there are a couple of people who don't have my tolerance for chilies, so I'll save Crouching Tiger for myself and the friends who can handle the hot stuff. Are there any dishes at Donato that you would especially recommend?

      Tai Pan's menu is not extensive, and there are some mediocre dishes, but there are enough choices that we really enjoy (Shanghai style crab is one) to make it worthwhile. The dimsum is better, if more limited, than Champagne's, and we like the relative quiet of the place, though we were just there on Friday night, when we were surprised to find it packed to the rafters, and consequently rather noisy.

      300 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002

      Crouching Tiger
      2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

      1. re: pilinut

        At Donato's, don't skip any of the risottos. He's a master in that!

        1. re: pilinut

          I really liked a grilled squid app there. Everything is very high quality, I didn't have anything shockingly jaw droppingly good - simply THIS IS GOOD quality. I haven't been there much because I'm so enamored, with Martin's West around the corner, which has higher highs and lower lows, but the good thing for your use is there's a number of really nicely placed larger tables (8 to 10) near the back that I think would be excellent for the kind of party you describe. Good mix of atmosphere and food. Or, who knows, an outside table, if it ever stops raining.

          I'll remember the shanghai crab if/when I try Taipan again. I've only been there a few times (so many restaurants), but found the atmosphere stuffy and chairs uncomfortable, paired with a peculiar menu and high prices. Glad ot know there's a few good dishes.