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Omaha Steaks online ordering

I mentioned in an earlier post that I hoped to have Easter dinner shipped to me. I am thinking of using Omaha Steaks. Has anyone received food from them, and is it great, good, fair, not worth it?

Comments appreciated!

And if you think this is an indulgence, I live in Hawaii where 85% of our food is shipped in, so food here is expensive. Example: loaf of french bread = $7.50

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  1. Last year I won a door prize at the golf club of a 'variety pack' from Omaha Steaks. Assortment of: boneless chix breast, boneless pork chops, top sirloin, strip steaks, fillets, dogs, 4oz burgers, stuffed flounder and potatoes au gratin. If taste and freshness play any part in your kitchen, it won't work. My house loves fresh, hates frozen. Frozen anything! I believe the box retailed around $140. Not worth it. The sale price in the flyer was about half that. It's probably worth the $70. I believe the defrosted items are only fair.

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        This is a great list my friend. Too bad I live in Shanghai now. When I see these sites all I can think of is: God Bless America. Lets eat!!!

      2. Omaha steaks are USDA Choice, and about on par with what is available in a supermarket; sometimes not even that good. They are packaged with great fanfare and frill, but don't bite. Literally. If you want great steaks, go for USDA Prime, aged steaks. I'd try www.allenbrothers.com or www.lobels.com. I personally prefer dry aged, but that can be an acquired taste....Don't waste your money on Omaha.

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          I don't think Omaha even advertizes that they are necessarily Choice (which they would do if they were), so one should assume they might be Select or Choice, which explains why they are the runt of the online steak litter....

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            My hunch, is since they sell "ungraded" meat, I'm going to guess they get beef from Mexico. If it was USDA graded, it would be noted.

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            Really Great advice to gift-seekers, Steakman55. My addition: my relatives insist on wasting their money and time on OmahaSteaks not-great product (sorry, but I'm not w/o gustatory stds) for us, a small family of nearly-lifelong vegetarians. My goodness, people, it exposes the dysfunction when you pull a stunt like that year after year, ignoring relatives' and friends' hobbies, careers, needs&wants. If you won't/don't notice the abundant evidence of "hints" both verbal and physical, perhaps a nice card with the ultimate high-efficiency gift card, a cheque, is less stress for you and better for the rel'ship.
            Our Food Bank doesn't take frozen stuff! All our friends are vegetarians, so I feed it to the neighbor's dogs and cats, and every year they laugh their asses off at my stupid family! Thanks forum for letting me vent about Xmas waste and mediocrity; the thought counts, but after couple of years it's just passive-aggressive.

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              Food pantries often can't take frozen foods, except for large, regional ones, but local soup kitchens often will. I do think it's kind of offensive to keep sending meat to avowed vegetarians, though.

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                MCF, Hey, thanks for the heads up...gonna check this year into a soup kitchen type of situation--there are new ones in town,probably,nowadays. I just write a check to our official Food Bank, which led to finding they can't take frozen foods.

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                  Usually, the smaller ones are in churches, community centers. If you know a package is coming and give them a heads up, they can plan to use it on arrival, often storage space for perishables are very limited. Alternatively, they might send a family or two home with the contents. It's good of you to make the effort.

          3. We had some a few years ago and they weren't that great. My son had some more recently and they didn't like them either. We did have some from Lobels and they were good.

            1. I would rate them as average. We get several boxes a year, biz gifts from vendors. I agree with the supermarket quality comment. I think the company's packaging is what makes people think the meat is really something special. The packages are so neat and tidy. The serving sizes are quite small and expensive for the cost.

              1. First time we ordered Omaha Steaks, they were pretty decent. Second time, they were not as good. We just go to Wegmans and get the grass fed beef.

                1. Don't waste your money. The steaks just aren't that good. You can do better at your local grocery store or Costco.

                  1. My wife and I seem to get these as gifts at least once per year. Frozen, tasteless, and inferior to the not-very-special, not-locally-sourced, regular sort middle-of-the-road steaks at Whole Foods.

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                      I also got them as a gift once. Very disappointing, almost flavorless.

                    2. And they are so small to boot. 5 oz sirloins? That barely constitutes an appetizer as far as I'm concerned. For quality, they are, as previously mentioned, comparable to an average steak you would find in a grocery store but way more expensive.

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                        I have to agree with all the previous posters. My mom and stepdad used to send a combo box once in a while for a special "treat". My sister and I have never cared for the steaks. They are, as stated above, not very good quality and/or flavor.
                        I would try one of the sources stated above, or maybe you have visited a favorite restaurant that ships.

                      2. what are u thinking of having for dinner?

                        for steaks i use www.stockyards.com

                        1. if you are thinking of ham ..there are many,many better places than omaha....

                          1. Omaha steaks are just not good, can't say it any plainer than that. You can do much better close to home.

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                              Yes, why don't you research a source of good meat (it looks like you're leaning that way) and/or gourmet treats right there on your island? There must be some sources or restaurants that could accommodate you with MUCH better results than Omaha.
                              Plus, you wouldn't have to pay for shipping. : )

                            2. yeah, pretty much what everyone else has been saying..you can save alot of money just by going to a reputable local butcher. flash frozen in plastic. weird colored...even weirder texture when grilled. no flavor. used a gift card on a box set..ate 2 steaks, tossed the rest

                              1. We were given a box of 6 Omaha steaks as a gift. They were mediocre at best and we were glad we didn't pay for them. Do the math and you'll see exactly what you're paying per pound for these steaks. Way over priced for very little quality. You can do better.

                                1. Thanks to everyone that put me wise to Omaha steaks - I ended up ordering racks of lamb from Loebel's, and they were absolutely incredible...one day delivery, packed in ice, never frozen, it really made our Easter dinner. I recommend them without hesitation!

                                  1. Ive ordered from them before and was not impressed. Even prime beef from costco is better.

                                    1. I ordered Omaha for my inlaws a few years ago (hey, I'm a vegetarian; I didn't know better). I have no idea what they thought of the steaks, but their telemarketers called me three fucking times a week, trying to prompt me to order more. Seriously. Three. Times. A. Week.

                                      I finally had to get nasty with them.

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                                      1. re: invinotheresverde

                                        I alway ask if they mind if I put them on hold, put the phone down and continue whatever I was doing, they hang up quickly.
                                        Otherwise, hafway through the pitch, ask them to start over a few times. The calls stop very quickly after that.

                                        I actually went into one of the Omaha Beef retail stores last year in Windsor, CT as I had received a gift certificate. Looking at the meat was a real turn off, and I'm a carnivore, I bought enough to use up the certificate, took them home, soaked the salt out as best I could and grilled them for the dogs. Poor dogs, they much prefer the choice beef sold at Market Basket.

                                        1. re: bagelman01

                                          I'm curious as to why, when the telemarketers call for the first time, you don't just tell them to remove your name from their calling list? That's all it takes.

                                          1. re: The Drama Queen

                                            Oh, honey, I tried that over 20 times. No dice.

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                                              I'm glad you brought that up. I got Omaha filets once (same opinion as everybody else here) and was besieged by their marketing and advertising departments for YEARS offering, begging, PLEADING with me via mail and phone to buy more. It made me realize why their products are so damn overpriced.

                                            2. re: The Drama Queen

                                              you can't block callers if you've ever done business with the company, they may legally avoid the federal no call list

                                              1. re: bagelman01

                                                You're partially right bagleman01; If you've done business with a company, they CAN call you ONCE. If you tell them to remove your name from their list they MUST remove your name. End of problem.

                                                1. re: The Drama Queen

                                                  Could we have a citation for that please and thank you?

                                                  1. re: c oliver

                                                    No citation, but it never fails to work for me when I tell them to take me off their list.
                                                    Same with snail mail credit card invitations, which can be sent by banks you do business with; once you ask them to stop sending them, they do.

                                            3. re: bagelman01

                                              I'm sure they enjoyed it anyway. I know mine would. I just wonder if they appreciate the fact that we cook for them.

                                            4. re: invinotheresverde

                                              the company i order from now only sends me the catalog when the new one comes out..
                                              and at xmas i get a printout with everyone i have ever sent steaks to (quite a few) with pre addressed labels for any future orders
                                              and i can only remember them ever calling me once asking how my experience was with them and if they could do anything else for me.

                                            5. I order from them about once or twice a year using my coke points. I usually buy burgers, hot dogs, or sausages. If it wasn't for the fact that I pay very little in terms of actual money, I wouldn't waste my time.

                                              1. I get the idea that they're underwhelming now. Does anyone know if they were better long ago?

                                                I ask, because I know a couple who got them as a plurge in the late 1970s or early 1980s once and raved that the steaks were the best they'd had. But those two were very much in love, so maybe it was all just atmosphere, mood and company...

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                                                  I got them in the 80s and they weren't good at all.