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Mar 20, 2011 10:44 AM

Ratio of Franks RedHot sauce to butter

So I have been looking at this website for the past week looking for opinions on the ratio of Franks to butter... I have seen about 6 total topics about buffalo wings and one specifically discussing the ratio, but there is no clear answer.
In Buffalo, what is the ratio of Frank's Hot Sauce to Butter? I saw on the website of Franks RedHot that it is a 3:2 ratio originally. I don't think this is very spicy.
For a spicier wing, should I increase the ratio to about 2:1 or should I do a 3:2 ratio and add cayenne pepper/habanero sauce?
Also, originally in Buffalo did they add vinegar or garlic powder to the wings?

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  1. Re your last question: my understanding is that Theresa Bellissimo did indeed add extra vinegar to her original wings.
    Re ratios: we like our wings very very tangy and fairly "hot" (though I don't consider Frank's to be truly "hot", Scoville-wise..) I use a cup of sauce to 1/4 c. butter - and for this particular dish, salted butter's mo bettah.
    Enjoy your wings, sounds good!

    1. You can add all the Franks regular RedHot into the mix and it won;t make it any hotter as the standard sauce has little heat as mentioned above.

      3:2 is correct, then add Tobasco, or your favorite truly hot "hot sauce" to get to your desired heat level. Powdered ground cayenne or chili flakes work to if you have no sauce to your liking.

      1. I grew up in Buffalo, and heard that the original recipe used vinegar, too, but, that's because the hot sauce was different 40 years ago. Since I've been making them, Frank's Hot Sauce has been the standard, and we use it 3:1. For extra heat, we add cayenne and a couple shots of a habenero hot sauce.

        1. Hahaha. I just went down to look at the recipe on the label and it does indeed use a 3:2 mixture, but I remember and jotted in Sharpie on the label to cut back to 3:1 to make things just a little more healthy. I've also done 4:1 when short on butter one day and it was acceptable, but not as rich, of course.

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            Hmm.. Interesting. I have never heard of 3:1. What do you think the difference would be between 3:1 and 2:1 ? Have you tried that?