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Mar 20, 2011 10:07 AM

Vegetarian in Nassau

My boyfriend and I are in Nassau for a friend's wedding. Like y'all, when we travel we like to eat what's good and local, which would normally here mean Fish Fry and other places to eat seafood. However, we're both vegetarian and don't eat seafood. We do eat eggs and dairy.

Anyone have any suggestions for good vegetarian eats while we're here?

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  1. Try the Filapino place next door to Senor Frogs in the cruise port area. There's and Indian restaurant, Clay Oven, I think, on West Bay.

    1. Vegetarian in the Bahamas - tricky - they do love their meat and fish!

      One of the best restaurants that you'll see mentioned in many threads about Nassau is Cafe Matisse (it's where many local foodies go), and their menu has lots of options that are meat and fishless.