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Mar 20, 2011 09:22 AM

Looking for one tasty dinner in Phoenix

My husband and I will be staying at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort in early April for two nights. We have one night available to choose where we want to eat dinner. We like places that are tasty but not pretentious or overly expensive. We like Mexican food but are open to other suggestions. We will have a car but would rather not have to go too far. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I haven't done any memorable dining in that area, so, I can't offer recommendations based on first-hand experience. Based on my readings, Kai at Wild Horse Pass is easily one of the top five restaurants in the entire metro area. But, you may consider it to be overly expensive. The next place that comes to mind is Cork in Chandler. I would like to try Latitude Eight, but, that is based on my personal tastes. You might try searching the board for Chandler.

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      Cork sounds good. Can you give me a sense of how far the Wild Horse Pass Resort is from Chandler and/or Cork? Kai at the resort might be very good, but I don't want to spend that much money. Thanks for your help.

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        Another place you might want to try in Chandler is Secreto. We had happy hour there not too long ago and was very happy with the service and food. The menu is similar to Richardson's in PHX which gets pretty good reviews here. The restaurant is about 3.5 miles from The Wild Horse.

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          Cork is about 20-25 minutes from the Sheraton. Cork is in the Ocotillo area of Chandler which is about 5-10 minutes south of downtown Chandler. (west on Loop 202 from I-10).

          Secreto which is also mentioned here is in Ahwatukee and about 15 minutes from the resort(north on I-10).

          If you can given an idea of how much you'd like to spend and what besides Mexican you consider tasty you might get more suggestions. There isn't a lot of fine dining in this area but there are lots of tasty casual places and plenty of ethnic places to suggest.

          As far as Mexican, you can try Los Taquitos in Ahwatukee for pretty good tacos. I think of it more for lunch than dinner personally (basic taqueria) but they are open in the evening.

          Los Taquitos
          4747 E Elliot Rd Ste 17, Phoenix, AZ 85044

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            Cork sounds quite good and is a definite possibility. My husband and I like different types of food, although I'm very limited when it comes to eating spicy food. I think we'd prefer a casual place and generally would prefer to spend no more than $100 for the two of us (which would include alcohol). I don't really know anything about restaurants in Phoenix so I don't know what's a "typical" price point. We are not wedded to eating Mexican. Sorry I'm not being more specific but I'm not sure I even know what I'm looking for. Well, maybe I do: unpretentious, good food, not dressy, not ridiculously expensive, and not too spicy. Also, we don't want to travel more than 20-30 minutes from the Sheraton, if possible. Thanks to everyone for suggestions so far.

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              +1 to cork, good wine, fun atmosphere, good food

              their banana cream pie dessert is not to be missed, and i dont even like banana cream pie - i make an exception for theirs

              1. re: cabster

                From my travels, I find that most Phoenix restaurants are in the middle, to even the lower-middle of price ranges, compared to similar cities - normally a very good dining deal.

                Cork is quite casual, and there seemed to be no pretentiousness at all. I wore a jacket (my normal dining attire) and was the only one doing so.

                As for the alcohol, I only worked from their wine list, but found it nicely priced, with plenty of good selections for the menu. There were very few of the "usual suspects," and someone has done their homework. There was a wide range of prices to choose from, and most looked like great options for many dishes. It was not the deepest wine list around, but a great wine list does not need to be - so long as the majority of the choices are well thought out and pair with the fare from the kitchen.

                Unfortunately, they are located quite far from us, so we need to be down in the neighborhood, to fit them into the mix. My wife and I were so impressed that when we get a room down south, for one of her events at Chandler, or Gilbert, we will definitely dine there again, and if they added a location up north, would certainly dine much more often.

                Fun, very good food, great friendly service and an exciting little wine list, chosen to pair wonderfully - what more could I ask for?


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            I'll second Cork Restaurant,, but also add that Kai would be at the very top of my list for "splurge restaurant for the entire year." Still, if it is not in the mix, so be it.

            Enjoy, and travel safely,