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Mar 20, 2011 07:15 AM

Chain burgers with "stuff" mixed into them.

Burger King has a burger with jalapenos and cheddar mixed into the burger. IHOP has a burger with bacon bits mixed into the burger. I know they test market these new dishes heavily, but I have to wonder who thought this would be a good idea? It seems more meatloaf-ey than burger-ey. It also seems like an easy way of cutting product cost by stretching the meat with additives and fillers? I don't mind toppings ON the burger, but something about them mixed IN the burger doesn't seem right. Does anyone like these burgers? Why?

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  1. "Why?"

    The new pushes out the "old" new to give the marketing department something to trumpet. That said, there is also a difference in taste between a topping put on afterward and an ingredient that is getting cooked along with the meat via a grill or griddle.

    1. I believe I read somewhere - not CH - that the BK was one quite tasty. But I'm curious why you care? Did they remove a fave of yours when that went on the menu? I'm not knowledgeable about food and beverage product development and marketing but I gather even tiny %s of something new being bought generate plenty of money. I eat fast food from drive-thru when traveling so it's a plain cheeseburger. Anything else 'dribbles' too much :)

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        I'm just curious as to why the stuff-in-burger phenomena exists. Did they survey customers as to whether they'd like "stuff" inside their burgers? Did they try swiss and mushrooms and that wasn't as popular as bacon or cheddar or jalapenos? Its kinda like those breakfast sausages with maple syrup inside, or the hotdogs with cheese bits inside. I'm sure someone must like them, but personally, when I bite into a hotdog or sausage or burger, that's what I want to taste. Not bits of cheeze or bacon bits or maple syrup or bone fragments. I have to wonder if science will genetically engineer chickens with "stuff" inside their breasts or with ranch flavored legs and Tabasco flavored skin.

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          The only review I saw of it was here at CH; never dared to try it, though.

        2. Hope you never thought those buck burgers were 100% beef, right?

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            Regular McDonalds burgers are 99.4% pure U.S.D.A. choice Ground Beef. Sure, the other .6% might be Soylent Green, but at least that's people, not jalpenos or pig parts or chunks of cheese "food."

          2. When I was a child - I'm 64 now - my father made a "Paul Bunyon Burger." It was probably 6" or more in diameter, thinner than a regular burger. On one half he put mild green chiles and grated Cheddar cheese. Folded it in half, "pinched" the edges together and grilled. It was a fantastic thing and pretty advanced for the 50s. Don't see the generic difference in that and the BK one that you describe.

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            1. re: c oliver

              Now that I think about it, I realize that "stuffed burgers" are nothing new. Vincent Price's Treasury of American Recipes has one that involves sandwiching a hunk of bleu cheese between two thin patties and grilling over charcoal. But there you've got a layer of stuff between two patties, not stuff mixed IN with the ground meat THEN formed into the patty. Maybe an odd distinction, but when you bite into a homemade burger that's been sandwiched with "stuff," the flavors seem more distinct and less "blended." Like that place that splits a hotdot, sticks a wedge of chedder in the middle, then wraps it with bacon and deep fries it. A hotdog with cheese and bacon blended INTO it would be a totally different experience, IMHO.

            2. Stuffed burgers, known as Juicy Lucy's in some parts, are actually excellent when done right. There's a local place near me that has the jalapenos an cheese inside the burger and all the tatstes just come togetehr, plus there isn't the worry about the jalapeno's not being able to stay on between bites.