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Mar 20, 2011 06:28 AM

Lily with Nuts Italian Ice Recipe?

I'm originally from Bronx, NY and there is a pastry shop that makes an Italian ice called Lily with nuts. Its creamy, very aromatic and just the best flavor there is. I know this flavor has popped up in other cities as well.

I've been searching for a recipe to make my own, but am having no luck with a recipe. Does anyone know this flavor or more importantly a recipe for it?

You would be my hero.

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  1. This NY Times article states ....

    "One of the more unusual flavors, lily with nuts, is a Bronx invention of vanilla, rum and slivered almonds, said the McGuigans’ son Michael"

    So I guess you could find an Italian ice recipe and play around with those flavors. Here's one for lemon ice