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Mar 20, 2011 06:19 AM

pork loin roast with chine bone

I have a home grown 4lb pork loin roast with the chine bone intact. When we have the pigs processed in the fall I always want to ask why they leave it that way, but the intimidation factor sets in and I tell myself once more that its fine that way. Well here I am once again trying to decide how to go about cooking and consuming this really beautiful roast. I have cut off the chine before cooking, but then I just end up with a boneless loin. Have tried to carve it cooked, it was hot!!! Just wondering what a real chef would do with this challenging situation!

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  1. Pork loin with the bone is one of my families favorites. It is so simple to cook. Look for the rib pork loin cut. I have found it is the moistest cut. It may contain more fat than the center cut but is is the most flavorful. I simply cut the fat off before serving. The bones are my favorite. All I do to cook it is put some salt on the fat top and roast it at 325 for 2 1/2 hours-or until the meat thermometer says it is done. I let it sit for 10 minuites while it sets up. I server it with homemade apple sauce sweet and sour sauerkraut .

    1. Have you tried cutting off the chine bone and seasoning the whole roast and retying the bones back on the roast to retain the moisture? I have had great results when I do this with prime rib. Honestly, it works great. And you can use the bones all roasted and yummy to make a stock for another dish. Reduce it to a jus to flavor and moisten the leftovers. Or add them and a ham hock to beans like pinto or greens like collards