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Mar 19, 2011 11:01 PM

best veggie burger in Calgary

Had a lovely dinner at The Brasserie in Kensington on Friday eve. Loved the atmosphere....loud and fun without being obnoxious. The service and food was all good. But the veggie burger. Oh my!!! The veggie burger was the best I've ever had......anywhere. Not sure if it was the ingredients (lentls, grains etc.) or the amazing cooking prep (charred to a crispy almost carmalized outer crust while still moist on the inside) or the add ons....crispy fried onions, good aioli, and decent chewy bun. But the sum total was amazing. Even my meat loving husband drooled over it.

Love to know what others thought of it. And if you think its the best in the city....or if there are others I should also try.

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  1. Good to know.. who'd have thought they'd have a veggie option - will try this week..
    heard there are good lineups in the evening.. think I'll try lunch..!

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      Yes it was pretty busy at night....but I made an online reservation no problem a day or two in advance. Let me know what you think of it......

    2. Hard to believe I know but pubs and restaurants in little ol' Calgary have been serving up veggie burgers for years.

      1. The original comment has been removed