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Mar 19, 2011 10:23 PM

Best single dishes at Joel Robuchon Las Vegas?

Hi all,

I will be having my first Robuchon experience with my wife in late May, and it seems through my research that going with 4-6 course prix fixe is the way to go, rather than the degustation menu.
This suits us fine, as we are looking forward to the bread and mignardise carts immensely.
So, for those of you who have eaten at Robuchon, what were your absolute favorite a la carte dishes? I would love to get a bunch of responses and see if anything comes out as a clear winner. Also, which of these will I have to call ahead and request?



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  1. I was there 2 weeks ago. My sister and I each ordered the 4-course menu and added a cheese course. Everything was beyond excellent (however, I seem to be in the minority about their mashed potatoes, which were too rich for my taste). Here is what we ordered:

    -Appetizer: Crispy soft boiled egg with smoked salmon and caviar ($60 supplement)
    sister had Truffled langoustine ravioli ($30 supplement)
    -Soup: Light chestnut cream with foie gras, smoked lardons foam
    sister had a soup with spiny lobster I believe, in a ginger/black truffle broth ($60 supplement)
    -Entree: Pan fried sea bass and octopus with lemongrass, baby leek, and artichoke
    -Cheese Course: I picked about 6 different cheeses, all great, but I can't tell you what they were
    -Dessert: Fuji apple confit, cinnamon sable and Manzana milkshake

    I don't remember my sister's entree or dessert, but I do remember we both loved them.

    As I said, everything I ordered was great. There were two stand-out dishes, however. One was my appetizer. Interestingly, my sister hates poached eggs, smoked salmon, and caviar, yet she absolutely loved this when I gave her a bite. Another favorite dish was the soup my sister ordered It was absolutely the best soup I've ever eaten, and I cannot stop thinking about that broth.

    Of the three breads I tried from their cart, all were excellent, but my favorite was the one with gruyere cheese.

    One dish I was so looking forward to trying was their fried frog legs from their 16-course menu, but they were not serving frog legs that night. I was also looking forward to the amuse I kept reading about, with the caviar on top served in a tin, but they had a basil gelee instead--also fabulous, but alas, not caviar!

    If you are not staying at the MGM, make sure to ask for their limo to pick you up. They take you to the private Mansion behind the hotel, and someone is there to walk you to the restaurant.


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      I've tried to look at the menu online but it's not available right now. Rough cost for a 4-course menu?

      1. re: Nyleve

        $180 for the 4 course (app, soup, main, desert).

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          I just viewed their menu online. Go to the MGM Grand website, click on 'Restaurants,' then click on 'Joel Robuchon.' Under the small heading 'Promotions,' you will see "Prix Fixe." Click on that for their 2- or 4- or 6-course menu options. The "Menu Degustation" and "A La Carte" under the "Menus" heading gives you their 16-course menu and their a la carte menu. The a la carte online menu does not have prices.

          When I dined there, I was not given the a la carte menu until I asked to see it.

          1. re: brandygirl

            Do you know whether one can create a tasting menu from the a la carte selections? I probably would want 2 appetizers, 1 main and 1 dessert (maybe cheese too).

            1. re: ellenost

              Basically, you can create your own menu. The 2- 4- and 6-course menus are what's noted on their website as "prix fixe a la carte," which is different from their "a la carte" menu. It was a little strange, actually. At the restaurant, we were given their 16-course tasting menu, which had no choices for you to make. We were also given a menu listing appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. With this second menu, you pay a set price, depending on the number and types of courses you order. In our case, we ordered the 4-course menu, which gave us a choice of any appetizer, any soup, any entree, and any dessert on that menu. While none of the items had prices, because you are paying a set price, some of the items did have a supplement. The 4-course menu did not include a cheese course, which we wanted, so we just added that on to our menu for an extra price.

              Interestingly, when it came to ordering our dessert, I did not see the sphere that I had heard so much about. I asked our waiter about it, and he said it was only available on their a la carte menu. Having already ordered $150 worth of supplements, I decided I did not need to spend even more money on the sphere. However, I asked to see the a la carte menu, surprised it was not offered to us with the other menus. I didn't study it, but with maybe just a couple of exceptions, it seemed like an abbreviated version of the prix fixe a la carte menu that we ordered from. And while I don't remember the prices from the a la carte menu, I think it's much cheaper to order from the prix fixe menu.

              In your case, I would ask if they could just substitute the soup course for another appetizer with their 4-course menu, and then add a cheese course. Keep in mind, the cheese course was $30 extra, making the meal without the supplements $210. With that in mind, perhaps a better choice would be to go for the 6-course tasting menu at $230, which includes a cheese course and a second entree. You could then ask to substitute either the soup or the second entree with an appetizer.

              I hope this answered your question! Enjoy your dinner, and let us know how it was.

              1. re: brandygirl

                Thanks for your advice. I had noticed that there were a number of dishes on the a la carte menu that aren't on the prix fixe menu (including the "Sphere"). I'll definitely ask to see all the menus, and I may ask whether I can compose my own tasting menu. I'll definitely report back.