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Mar 19, 2011 09:57 PM

Grand Cafe/Patisserie 46 - last minute recs?

So the St. Paulites are heading to the Minneapple tomorrow for breakfast. Plans are to stop at Patisserie 46 first to get in on a nice selection of pastries, then head to Grand Cafe for breakfast. I've seen great reviews for both places on other sites and some less than stellar reviews on here. Any suggestions for what to order or things to avoid at either place? Or is there a better place to have breakfast near Patisserie 46 (regardless we want to see what all the hub-bub has been about this place).

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  1. Probably a little late to the party but I love both places. P46, all the pastries are delicious- but the simple coffee cake is amazing. They have a round little cake with powdered sugar and almonds that's my version of crack. My husband and I often get the quiche for brunch, it's delicious.
    Grand Cafe has a really good hash. Their brunch food tends to be a little fussier than some of the other places around. I love their red eye gravy and sometimes order it as a side for toast if I want something other than biscuits.
    Kings, the Lowbrow and Blackbird all have fantastic brunches and are in that area.

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      Awesome - thanks! We stayed up too late and were too tired to venture over there this morning as planned, so we'll file this away for our next attempt. I've heard from others that it's important to get to P46 early because they run out of thing. I'm not a morning person, but I'll sacrifice for good chow. :)

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        I'm not a morning person either and found plenty of selection an hour before closing at Pat. 46. Especially if you're not super picky about having one exact thing or nothing. everything seems great there.