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Mar 19, 2011 09:26 PM

Good Prix Fixe Meals- List

I am looking.

Please describe and give cost.

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  1. No responses for 10 days? Let's see if we can get the ball rolling -- I assume you are looking for places that are not often mentioned here.

    Mandalay is hidden in a small pedestrian plaza at Lawrence & Markham Rd.. Many of its customers have been coming back for decades -- it is invisible from the street, and I don't think it ever advertises. It has prospered on local word of mouth only, I think -- whenever I am there on a Friday or Saturday night, it is full. The menu has both French-style and Asian-style dishes,

    The prix fixe menu includes 3 courses for $25. First course is a choice of several salads or a soup. Main course is Grilled Fresh Filet of Atlantic Salmon brushed with garlic butter, served with potatoes and vegetables -or- Mixed Grill: Chicken breast, salmon and shrimp served with potatoes and vegetables -or- Veal Parmigiana served with pasta. The desert course is typically pastries, creme brulee, etc.

    For the sake of variety, I normally order from the regular menu and pay a bit more. But the prix fixe is the best deal in the restaurant.

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      As an FYI - Mandalay has a group deal on today on