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What cakes/pies taste good warm?

I know most are served cold or at room temperature, but are there any that you'd eat out of the oven (or you like to reheat in the microwave)?

Other than molten chocolate cake

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  1. Apple and peach. And although mince pie is not high on my list, I think it tastes better warm than cold. (And yes, I did eat out tonight and had molten chocolate cake. How did you know?)

    1. Apple pie is often served warm. I think most stone fruit and pome (apples, pears) fruit pies are better warm. Pumpkin pie is good warm. Mince pie is usually served warm.

      As for cake-type things -- gingerbread is best served warm, and I'll be spice cake is, too.

      I personally don't like baked goods served refrigerator temperature -- it dulls the flavor and makes them harder and drier. There's really no reason to do so unless it's got whipped cream on it.

      1. definitely ginger or spice cake - Ruth beat me to it on those. i know people who prefer warm blueberry pie, and as already mentioned, apple, peach & pear.

        sweet potato pie is another one...and some coffee cakes are good warm.

        1. Apple pie tastes best for me served warm ala mode.

          1. Almost all of them! :) Except maybe lemon meringue and the like.

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              I second "almost all of them"! I love warm dessert with cold ice cream or creme fraiche.

            2. Crab Cakes
              Fish Cakes
              Lobster Pie
              Chicken Pot Pie <VBG>

              But I also like almost all sweet pies and cakes except Cream, Pudding or cheesecake types served warm.

              Friday night wife baked and serfved a warm chocolate loaf cake with a warm ganache center. Last night it was a warm apple cake with a cinnamon glaze. Much prefer this warm to cold.

              1. In Yorkshire England it is a treat to have a warm pork pie, not a huge one, just one that fits your hand.
                On leaving the shop you will be instructed to 'hold the pie level, as it is still warm'. and the gravy would not be set.

                I heard of a fellow who bought two, holding one upright and nibbling the crust around of the other he was so intent on his pie that he walked in to a local canal.

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                  I wonder if he was pie-faced at the time? : )

                2. If made not too sweetly, pecan is wonderful warm, and sweet potato