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Mar 19, 2011 06:37 PM

Les Heritiers -- new location?

Did Les Heritiers move? We only go once a year...mostly in June. I'm reading some reviews and it seems as if they moved from their old location. Did the staff change? Owner change? Is Frederick still there?
Has anyone been lately? The website menu looks totally different (not a bad thing, mind you).

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  1. They did move sometime last fall... It's now on Mont-Royal, between de Lorimier and Papineau... corner Bordeaux, maybe.

    1. From what I read, they kept the staff. New space is beautiful from a picture I saw, with the front all windows and facing the park. Capacity about double what it was before. I haven't tried the food, but yes, I hear the menu has changed. They updated their website, so you can see it there.

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        Will go see it - not today, as there will be nasty slush falling from the sky - but when it melts. That is a stretch of Mont-Royal with a lot of charm but which was a bit neglected. The park has been spruced up, and is often one end of local festivals and street sales.

        Here are the new coordinates: Restaurant les Heritiers - 1915, Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal - (514) 528-4953

        Checked - it is still a byow. There is an SAQ Sélection very close by, on Mont-Royal at the southwestern corner of Papineau. (Although some posters here have said storage conditions there were less than ideal. They have undergone a renovation; I don't know if that has been rectified).

      2. I haven't eaten at the new location yet, but just walked by it yesterday and took a peek....beautiful new locale....bright and clean with lots of space....lots of windows (corner location) and long bar....already looking forward to trying it out since the food was so good at the last location!

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          Perusing the menus, I was pleased to see that there were worthy vegetarian options for lunch and supper (as well as quite a bit of fish). I have a cousin who is vegetarian - this makes Les Héritiers a good option for family get-togethers. No doubt the case for many groups where there are vegetarians and omnivores.

          1. re: lagatta

            i second the recommendation of les heritiers for a solid vegetarian option! i tried the new location in early january for a birthday dinner with a about half of us being non-meat eaters, not an easy way to eat in this city. there aren't a whole lot of options, but we were impressed that the veggie meals didn't feel like an afterthought but an actual part of the menu.

            1. re: notdoneeating

              I went in November and was very disappointed. We were a big group so lots of things on the menu were tried and almost everyone was disappointed. The food was bad and the service was bad. However the new local is beautiful but in does not compensate for the bad food.