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Mar 19, 2011 05:36 PM

STELLA DORO Closed??? - Old Saybrook Ct

drove by this week and saw it was closed and going to be some Pizza spot now.....
anyone know what happened?

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  1. Rumor has it the owner is trying to reinvent the restaurant. This is probably true as there is no sign indicating an application for a new permitee for the liquor license.

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    1. re: jdgall

      Hmmm.ok....thats quite the reinvention....from some of the more decent food around here to a pizza place....?

      1. re: few

        I agree- Stella was always good but failed to adjust prices to the economy

    2. OK drove by the former Stella Doro site today.....sign went up announcing "RUFFINOS" a family restaurant for pizza and seafood.....OMG...just what the area needed ANOTHER pizza palace....
      <sad face>

      Stella Doro
      1231 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

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      1. re: few

        With a Pepe's in New Haven and one at Mohegan Sun there is no need form more pizza joints in SE Connecticut.