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Mar 19, 2011 05:35 PM

Good Restaurants in the Area of The Arc de Triumph

Will be staying for a week in the 17th arr. (just west of the Arc de Triumph) beginning on April 1st. Looking for good food at a reasonable price. Have found a very nice Thai place on Avenue Wagram, and an above-average brasserie on Avenue Terne, but always on the lookout for more.


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  1. Hope this is not too late, but there are many good spots within walking distance of 'Etoile: Caïus, MBC, Hide, Simonin and across the street, Les Fougères, Citrus Etoile. Most can be found on Dr. Talbott's website or if not on Mr. Google's.

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      I would add Flora Danica, if you want some fine seafood. Menus are around 40 Euros, not excessive by Paris standards.