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Mar 19, 2011 04:59 PM

ISO Tramezzini Sandwiches in Toronto

We were recently in Venice and loved Tramezzini sandwiches - are they available anywhere in Toronto? TIA

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    1. re: Yongeman

      They are small sandwiches on white bread with various fillings - shrimp, tuna, egg, meat, etc - definitely a guilty pleasure! Pic here

      1. re: ElizabethS

        Oh nice! Like super-gourmet party sandwiches.

        1. re: Yongeman

          Hi Elizabeth,
          I've been keeping an eye out since I had these too a couple of years ago.
          No luck unfortunatley, they certainly were wonderful in Venice, I went to both locations and the wine pairings as well fantastic. The bread component is simply white or whole wheat sandwich bread. The only place I've seen something is at the St Urbain Bagel shop at bathurst and steeles. Only they are not as fancy and filled with egg or tuna. They have them premade in the fridge, takeaway containers. Good luck.....Porto

          1. re: Yongeman

            Yongeman - we describe them as really good funeral sandwiches :)

            Porto - thanks - will post if I find them....

          2. re: ElizabethS

            Those are beautiful!

            The closest thing I've seen in Toronto would be some of the tea sandwiches served at the Windsor Arms, but they aren't at that level. If you're ever in NYC or Southhampton, Sant Ambroeus serves expensive, upscale tramezzini, but not quite as beautiful or complex as those in your photo.


            Windsor Arms
            18 St Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

            1. re: prima

              I have had them a couple of times in Italy and I think you can just make them yourself! The funeral sandwiches comment is pretty spot-on, funny.

              1. re: albanis

                I guess so, but might take some time & practice to make these ones:

                1. re: prima

                  Yeah but they are always the same, chopped egg, plain lettuce, oil-packed tuna, etc. I like to cook a lot and wouldn't go out of my way to pay money for that as opposed to some other Italian dishes.