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Mar 19, 2011 04:50 PM

Microwave Crisper & Browner. And...Why some Metal is OK to Microwave?

Does anyone make a crisper or browner that one can repeatedly re-use in the microwave? I'm looking to turn the microwave into a little "oven" that can brown and get things crisp.

I may have to resort to rigging together some hot pockets or marie celeste pizza browning boxes, huh? Any recommendation on what tape to use in the rigging?

Why is some metal OK in the microwave (like the shelf) or the metallic "crisper" panels in those frozen food boxes?

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  1. I can't really help you with the browning tray. We've had several over the years and none of them worked well enough to mess with and I do mean mess. In attempting to brown meat in the microwave the messy splatters were enough to skip it. Plus there's the uneven cooking part of it. If you do find something that you are satisfied with, I would like to hear about it.

    The whole metal in the mucrowave thing has been overblown. You cannot have aluminum foil in the microwave because it is thin and will block the microwaves and possibly get hot enough to catch fire. You can however have a teaspoon in a 2 cup pyrex cup full of water to break the surface tension so it won't explodexwhen jostled. The spoon will get real hot however. Any kind of metal that will arc with another piece of metal is dangerous. Since it's a confusing issue, it was easier to say NO metal in the microwave.

    Something else. When my nephew was young, 5 or 6 he turned on the microwave with nothing in it while my SIL was in the shower. After about ten minutes it caught fire, he started pounding on the bathroom door and I think firemen were there too but she might have had a robe on by then. (The story in the family is that she ran into the kitchen butt naked). Oh, the local cops showed up too. One of them was my brother(her husband) who was on duty at the time. Apparently it can be a little nerve-racking when you hear your own address over the radio as a location to which the firexdepartment has been called.

    1. I used to have a Corning microwave browner grill. It came in flat and ridged versions and had a coating that got sizzling hot when hit by microwaves.

      From Corning's website it appears they're no longer made, but you can find used pieces online. I'd recommend against it, though - I was underwhelmed by the way mine performed.

      Your best bet is to use a microwave that has convection and/or broiler features built in. That doesn't address the short-term issue, but it's something to keep in mind when you have to replace the current microwave.

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        Plus one :) on the MW/convection. Thanks for the gazillionth time for turning me on to that. It's one of the best things I've ever bought. One of :)

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          yes, that is what i have to do when this baby heads for that great junkyard.

          i wonder if i taped together some hot pockets boxes (LOL!) whether the tape would melt over everything -- cause i want to use the browner to get things crispy on top.

          but, i have one of those "browning trays" already, maybe i'll just put one on the top and bottom. ;-).