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Mar 19, 2011 04:18 PM

Ivory Thai (on Church) now L'Apero?

I just walked by the old location of Ivory Thai, the signs are all gone, there is new decor and there is a piece of paper taped to the window saying "L'Apero, now open.

Anybody know about this new place and what happened to Ivory Thai?

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  1. I'd heard that the chef who made Ivory Thai a better-than-average option was leaving the restaurant late last year, so I guess change was in the cards. There's one single mention of L'Apero Bistro on Google, and "l'apero" seems to be a French word related to aperitif, so this new incarnation is definitely not Thai anymore.

    1. Too bad! I really liked the restaurant.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. UPDATE - Interesting...4 weeks later and up for sale?

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            Any recommendations for a good Thai buffet now that Ivory Thailand is gone? I'm really going through withdrawal here as this was my weekly lunch spot.

            1. re: climacus

              I haven't found any yet, we used to love going to Ivory Thailand for Sunday lunch buffet. I was so disapointed when it closed down :(

              Hopefully our fellow Chows can report something soon! We didn't mind driving all the way downtown either, since parking is free on Sunday mornings.

              1. re: red dragon

                Thai Plate has a nice buffet lunch on Fridays for $9.95. It's not downtown, though. Bathurst, just south of Deloraine. It's not really a destination, but if you're in the area, it's a good value.

                Thai Plate
                3434 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M6A2C2, CA

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  Hi TorontoJo - thanks for the info. We don't live close by and wouldn't be able to go on a weekday, unless we have the day off. I was really looking for a Sunday lunch buffet. I've been googling for days :(

                  The only place I found was Thai Orchdid Fusion in Oakville, but the reviews are hit/miss.

                  Thai Plate does sound really good though - I'll put it on our list for when we have a vacation day. Thanks!

                  1. re: red dragon

                    We finally made it to Thai Plate today for lunch, they only have the buffet on Friday. Wow, sorry to say, we were quite underwhelmed. The place is very small, but the food was quite average. The service was good though. The cold mango salad was over the top sweet, curries were ok, set up is very small and congested. It was quite a drive for us, so I wouldn't say it was worth the while, unless in the area (and even then not), again, just our opinion. I took pictures, like I do of everthing we eat and wherever we go, but didn't feel it was worth posting.

                    1. re: red dragon

                      Totally understand -- like I said, it's not destination food by any stretch. :) The staff are super nice and the dishes usually change week to week, with some dishes better than others. It's a convenient spot for me AND they deliver to my house, which is big in my book. But I am sorry you were disappointed and drove out of your way. That's never fun.

                      Oddly enough, I was there today as well, having a lunch meeting with a friend/colleague. I was the Chinese woman in the black t-shirt sitting against the wall speaking more loudly than was probably necessary. :o)

                      1. re: TorontoJo

                        Hi TorontoJo- oh no problem at all, sometimes I give recommendations to others and they think it's just ok and I think, really? And vice versa, different tastes all around. I appreciate all suggestions given and glad we gave it a try.

                        It probably took us a lot longer due to the rain and traffic.

                        I'm sorry I didn't notice anyone around me, but it would have been nice to meet you :)

                        I didn't hear anyone speaking more loudly either :)

                        I just wanted to post back and let you know that we did finally make it there.

                      2. re: red dragon

                        It is a small world. I was at theThai Plate lunch buffet today as well. Red dragon, you came at about 12 oclock as part of a group, or at least a group went through the buffet with you. I remember a woman taking photos. We had gone through ahead and I was seated looking at the buffet.

                        The restaurant seats 59 people ( I called them and asked). It was not designed as a buffet restaurant, nor is on the scale of a Mandarin. The buffet is set up against an end wall with small extensions along the sides. When a group goes through the buffet, the individual customers have to wait until the ones ahead have taken what they want. This is particularly true when the people are slow proceeding because they are chatting with each other. I don't know what it is that you expected the owners to do for you.

                        The food is better than average in my experience in Toronto and elsewhere. It is my favourite Thai place that I have been to so far. Of course some dishes are nicer sometimes than at other times. Every cook has a temperement which varies and affects the cooking. Different cooks have a different touch. Ingredients vary. Of course each individual diner has his or her own taste.

                        I too had the mango salad. In this one the mangos were relatively ripe, which made it sweeter. Ripeness is not an unpleasant characteristic in this salad. I indeed have had more interesting mango salads at Thai Plate, with more coriander and onion. But this one was fine and at least as good as the ones that I have had in Bangkok airport if I can remember.' Personally I enjoyed the mango. I don't know what you expect or want .

                        The pad Thai was above average but not the best that I have had at Thai Place.

                        The rest of the food was good without criticism and enjoyable. I liked particulaly the cashew nut chicken , the curry seafood and the basil chicken.

                        You do have to make allowances for the fact that this is a buffet and all the dishes are not cooked for you a la minuit an dyou may hav etaken the food after it has been out for a while. What is that you expected?

                        Why is service worthy of comment? This is a buffet lunch after all, a mass of people come in at about the same time, and it is $10.95. What service do you expect in these circumstances?

                        Please tell us what you like in Thai cooking, where you find Thai cooking that you like, and specify what itt is other than the sweetness of the mango salad that disappointed you in the food at Thai plate today .

                        In the meantime, I will return everytime that I am in the mood for Thai cooking and I have the opportunity.

                        I am sorry, but I think that you are not right.

                        Thai Plate
                        3434 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M6A2C2, CA

                        1. re: bigpestle

                          I think what you fail to understand bigpestle is that this is an open food forum, and food is very subjective. What one person thinks is great, another might not, and I'm always considerate of that, which is why, I always put, "in our opinion" in my posts.

                          I included the good service in my post, because the service was good, and many people put that comment in their posts. Although I didn't particularly like the food, I liked the service, so I certainly didn't want my post to sound completely negative.

                          Having dated a Thai guy for several years, and helping his mom cook, I think I know about Thai food, "since you asked", but I am "not" comparing this food to authentic thai food at all. I'm comparing it to other Thai buffets before they seemed to disappear in Toronto, like Bangkok Thailand and Ivory Thailand. My comments are strictly regarding my lunch experience.

                          BTW, I don't look around and notice other people when I'm dining, I'm there to eat and enjoy the time with my lunch/dinner party.

                          And why be sorry? This isn't a right and wrong issue, it's a forum based on opinions, my suggestion is you try and remember that.

                          1. re: red dragon

                            red dragon, I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier -- have you ever been to the lunch buffet at Bangkok Garden on Elm (between Bay and Yonge)? It's been ages since I've been there, but it's downtown and perhaps more convenient for you to try. I used to work in the area and went there regularly. It's more expensive -- used to be $14.95/person, but that was at least a decade ago and I don't know what the price is these days. There used to be this little old Thai lady who would do street noodle soup to order, but I'm pretty sure they retired her years ago.


                            Bangkok Garden
                            18 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1G7, CA

                            1. re: TorontoJo

                              I wrote in my post here about Bangkok Thailand, spelled it wrong, I did indeed mean Bangkok Garden! I thought I heard that they stopped the lunch buffets though? I must check into that. I knew a few people that used to work there, but that was so long ago and I've lost touch. Thanks for the link and jogging my memory!

                              1. re: red dragon

                                Bangkok Garden on Elm Street still has a lunch buffet . The food is pleasant . The room is old school wonderful. It is a good experience and good value for a place downtown.

                                Bangkok Garden
                                18 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1G7, CA

                            2. re: red dragon

                              Red dragon, I value your experience with Thai cooking. So I ask again "please tell us what you like in Thai cooking, where you find Thai cooking that you like, and specify what it is other than the sweetness of the mango salad that disappointed you in the food at Thai plate today." I think that it is wrong to condemn without a reasoned explanation.

                              I thnk that it unusual for somone to come and take pictures of the food in buffet pans. I have never seen this done before. I couldn't but help to notice and remember you. I would have taken the photos more over the top of the pans rather than from the side as you did, but I have never done this before and you are probably right.

              2. I was passing by this place today and saw a sign "Koryo". Looks like it's going to be an upscale Korean/Japanese restaurant.

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                1. re: stargazercd

                  That's interesting. I assume this is the same Calgary-based franchise chain that runs the food court location in the AMC building at Dundas Square?

                  1. re: stargazercd

                    i had heard "upscale japanese, in the vain of ki".

                    1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                      Yes, having walked past last week, it seems that this place definitely will be Japanese. Lots of tatami rooms along the north side. From what I saw it looks quite upscale. The name of the restaurant, however, is not "Koryo" nor is it related to the Korean fast food chain. The construction company doing the renovation had a name similar to that, and I think that signage caused the confusion.

                    2. re: stargazercd

                      Just to clarify, the name is Kirei ("beautiful" in Japanese), if I read it right.