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Mar 19, 2011 03:42 PM

Best place to eat crawfish

I'll be visiting NO in mid April and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a good place to eat some crawfish. I'll be staying in the FQ but I'm not opposed to going outside the quarter.

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  1. Probably the Galley on Metairie Road, maybe Charlie's in Harahan, not sure if they serve them though. Not many places serve them, quite a challenge in the confines of a restaurant kitchen. Works better in the great outdoors.

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    1. re: CharlieH

      Charlie's Seafood on Jefferson Hwy. in Harahan does served boiled crawfish, as well as crabs and shrimp. Had some there yesterday.

    2. Yo Mama's in the 700 block Saint Peter--across from Pat O's. I'm Cajun and can never remember not eating crawfish. These are real, real good. They boil them Thurs thru Sun at 1:00, 3:00, and 6:00.

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      1. re: Panama Hat

        If you like good bars go to The Bulldog on Magazine and buy your crawfish from Big Fisherman across the street. Take them back to The Bulldog and eat on their outdoor patio. Great place. It was packed last weekend. Must have been a lot of beer drinkers and crawfish eaters.

        1. re: Littleman

          The Bulldog is under new management and have prohibited taking in outside food, because they also serve food. This is a recent development and many of my friends and acquaintances are very annoyed by it!

          1. re: noradeirdre

            Wow this is sad news about the Bulldog! we were so looking forward to that outdoor crawfish eatin' in a few weeks !!!

            1. re: piglet3000

              Give 'em a call to double check... would be good for them to know that this decision will impact their business.

            2. re: noradeirdre

              Wow. That is terrible news. That was one of my favorite things about the Bulldog during this season. That's a shame.

              1. re: gastrotect

                Now I'm all nervous that it's just a rumor! Definitely check in about it. But I was talking to "industry" people (beer industry) while at the Bulldog when it came up. They were voicing their disappointment as well.

        2. Here's a link to crawfish cook outs by Harrah's at Fulton Square. Scroll down to Bugs, Buds and Bands.

          1. If you have a car, Salvos in Belle Chasse.

            I promise its worth the short trip.

            1. Jump in rental car, head over bridge to Westbank. Drive to Barataria. Take the left and look for Sal's Seafood on the right. Get there right around noon and wait for a hot batch to come out. Pure heaven!

              Sal's Seafood
              1512 Barataria Blvd, Marrero, LA