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Mar 19, 2011 02:25 PM

Caesar Dressing Too Fishy

I am making a Caesar Dressing, and consistency wise, it's great, but it's a little fishy for my family's taste. Is there anything I can that will help cut the fishy taste a little?!


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  1. I suspect that you used too many anchovies (they're very strong). The only thing I know of that will work is to prepare another batch, sans anchovies, and combine the two. You might want to try adding a bit of fresh lemon juice to what you have and see if that helps, but I doubt you'll be able to cover the anchovy flavor with anything.

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      I agree with todao. And along with the lemon juice, you might want to try a little lemon zest. (This may be sacreligious [sp?], but I also think a little balsamic vinegar would mellow it out, I use it in mine.)

    2. Can I ask you, what recipe your using for Caesar Dressing?

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        That's what I was thinking too!!! Because the fishy taste is what I'm looking for. LOL Most Caesar dressing don't have enough of it for my taste.