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Local Honey in Charlotte

Is there anyplace around that sells local honey and/or any particular cultivators you'd recommend? Farmer's markets, etc...I need to try to control my allergies.

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  1. I started local honey a year ago in October. The information I got was that you have to start months before pollen season so that it builds up in your system. Sorry, but it might not help quickly. The good news is I have had no allergy problems since then. And I used to have it bad.

    Here's a link to local keepers:

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      So what is your regimen for this?

    2. My landlord is a beekeeper and sells local honey- www.charlottelocalhoney.com

      You can also get local honey at the Hillbilly Produce Market on Independence - www.hillbillyproduce.com/

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        I can vouch for Mack's honey, it's great.

      2. There is at least one supplier at the Atherton Mills market. Check here http://www.facebook.com/athertonmilla... for who,when,etc.

        1. I've seen it sold at Matthews, Waxhaw and Meeting St. markets. My guess is most farmers markets have a vendor.

            1. There's a girl here in Charlotte that sells honeycombs in wooden boxes to local restaurants for fancy smancy cheese plates. I'm sure you could buy some of her honey too.

              1. Whole Foods carries local honey in bulk and in jars. Lee's Bees, in particular.

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                  Uhh, we don't have a Whole Foods in Charlotte.

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                    Oops, sorry! But soon you will. Have you tried Earthfare?

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                      Ha! It's funny, it's been a sore subject for some of us (myself included) that Whole Foods has set up shop everwhere in the Carolinas but not Charlotte, the most populated city. But you're right, I'm sure Earthfare carries local honey. And believe it or not Harris Teeter carries one local honey ( from Winston-Salem) but I forget the name.

                      Harris Teeter
                      , New Bern, NC 28560

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                        Whole Foods didn't intentionally leave out Charlotte all of these years. Local politics there made things difficult, you could say.