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Mar 19, 2011 01:55 PM

Local Honey in Charlotte

Is there anyplace around that sells local honey and/or any particular cultivators you'd recommend? Farmer's markets, etc...I need to try to control my allergies.

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  1. I started local honey a year ago in October. The information I got was that you have to start months before pollen season so that it builds up in your system. Sorry, but it might not help quickly. The good news is I have had no allergy problems since then. And I used to have it bad.

    Here's a link to local keepers:

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      So what is your regimen for this?

    2. My landlord is a beekeeper and sells local honey- www.charlottelocalhoney.com

      You can also get local honey at the Hillbilly Produce Market on Independence - www.hillbillyproduce.com/

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        I can vouch for Mack's honey, it's great.

      2. There is at least one supplier at the Atherton Mills market. Check here http://www.facebook.com/athertonmilla... for who,when,etc.

        1. I've seen it sold at Matthews, Waxhaw and Meeting St. markets. My guess is most farmers markets have a vendor.