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Mar 19, 2011 12:48 PM

Frozen cream

Quart of whipping cream froze in our garage frig. It is now no longer frozen. Looking in the top of the carton I see white solid stuff that resembles ricotta and tastes like cream but is grainy. I am assuming that there is is liquid below this and that the fat has separated from the liquid. I would guess this is the equivalent of butter but it is grainy. I hate to throw it away. Could I resuspend the fat in the liquid using a blender, or simply discard the liquid and use the fat in place of butter? Any bright ideas about what to do with this stuff?

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  1. Thaw and remix and you can use it in any type of hot dish, e.g. cream sauces, Alfredo, caramel, etc. Just don't use it for cool applications like whipped cream.

    And, yes, butter is another option.

    1. You should be able to fix the texture with a whisk or blender.... But I don't think that stuff you are referring to is anything like butter.

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        Not in its current state. But put it in a jar (filled halfway), shake, then use a food processor to whip the crap out of it, then you'll eventually have butter on your hands.

      2. Dumped it in the food processor with egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. Made perfect creme brulee.
        Thanks for the advice.