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Mar 19, 2011 12:18 PM

Pop's Garage and Dauphine Grille Asbury Park

Looking through theNew Jersey Magazine I came upon two restos that I havet yet to discover, one is Pop's Garage (Mexican) and the other is Dauphine Grille and Berkeley Bar. Anyone been?

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  1. Have been to Pop's Garage a few times. Rather middling faux Mexican. A bit pricey and a limited menu compared to other authentic Mex/Mex places like Acapulquenos or El Oaxaqueno 3 in LB or North of the Border in Red Bank.

    One issue: Pops shares a kitchen with Langosta Lounge, and if Langosta is in the weeds it will affect service at Pop's...

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      We went to Pop's Garage several months ago. Although the service was very attentive, I can honestly say that there was nothing special about the quesidilla and taco....very average food. But if you are in Asbury, it's an OK place to go. It's priced a little higher than I think it should be as well. I agree that it has a limited menu.

    2. I have not been to Pop's Garage in a while....just basic Mexican, but I still thought it was good. Dauphin was running a half off their entire menu special on Wednesday's. My partner and I have tried the short rib ravioli entree, scallop entree, and the beef carpacchio with pork belly crouton appetizer - all were very good. The bar is nice to sit at and have a pre or post dinner drink. They also have prix fixe dinners for $30, I believe on Thursdays. I think it is well worth a visit.

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        Is Dauphin located in what was the Berkley Carteret Hotel?

      2. Pop's Garage has been open for a couple of years--I think the tacos are very good, especially as a quick snack right off the beach. It's not really a restaurant though, more of a 5-seat lunch counter with about half a dozen tables outside on the boardwalk. It does not claim to serve 'authentic' Mexican food and therefore should really not be judged against ones that do.

        Dauphine has only been open since the end of last summer. It was not impressive when it first opened, but it has since been settling info a nice groove.

        Both place are owned by Marilynn Schlossbach, who is to be commended for raising the level of restaurants in Asbury Park. Her places are not the cheapest in town, but I find them generally to be fair and of decent value. Personally, I have no trouble paying a little bit more on the tab in order to support what she's doing.

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          Sorry, but I find Marilynn Schlossbach to be more interested in opening new and different establishments than seeing any one of them through to a real hit. She just seems spread too thin.

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            Sadly, I agree with you Mark. There's very little to get excited about in AP. I wish it well and the city is moving forward nicely regardless of the banks not providing loans.

            But the restaurant scene remains all hype and fairly pedestrian (with many of the newly opened ones the past 2-3 years).

        2. A good stop in AP is Stella marina on the Boardwalk ,up scale Italian ,great wine list ,good service ,excellent food

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            True, I like Stella Marina, Langosta Lounge, and Watermark as well (for places on the boardwalk). I avoid McLoone's Asbury Grill (same goes for McLoone's upstairs), The Boards (now-closed), and the Beach Bar. I haven't been able to properly assess Aqua yet.

            Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
            1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

            Langosta Lounge
            1000 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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              Tim McLoones Supper Club upstairs has great musical groups like the Shirleys, etc with great atmosphere with dancing and good food. To say avoid it you're missing out on a great time. Go there dance the night away, have fun and be young again.