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Mar 19, 2011 11:36 AM

It's St. Joseph's Day - who has the best Zeppole?

Today is St. Joseph's Day and for us Italians (and those who want to be Italian today!) that means we celebrate with the delicious Zeppole! Who do you think has the best?

My family has been going to DeLuise Bakery (corner of Chalkstone and Mt. Pleasant Ave) forever, and I have to say nothing compares to their zeppole. They offer fried and baked, and I can't decide which one I like better - so I always have one of each!

Lately, LaSalle Bakery has gotten much attention for their zeppole since they do multiple flavors of the cream - to me it's not authentic. I never liked any of the ones from Lasalle, and quite frankly fined them over-priced (like the rest of their products). However, I'm sure LaSalle has their fans.

So grab a zeppole or two or three, and post which ones you like the best. And Happy St. Joseph's day to all!

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  1. Best Zeppole...Lucibello's on Grand Ave, New Haven, CT. They were better when the old man was alive, but they are still the best. Fresh, tender shell. Fresh Italian pastry cream. Always need to get a couple of extra in a separate box for the ride home.

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      I am going to second the vote for Lucibello's. Love to stop here and pick up anything.

      1. re: Burnsey

        I've never heard of the place, but I will have to make a trip out there and grab some. I bought some more from DeLuise (not DeFusco!!!) this morning - and they are as delicious as ever.

        1. re: OOliver

          I picked up a couple from Scialos on the Hill they were very good. But seeing people are going out of state the best I have ever had came from Pasticceria Leone in Naples Italy. They dont make multi thousands

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