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Mar 19, 2011 10:53 AM

Non-restaurant things to eat in philadelphia

What are some things/places to eat to philly that aren't sit-down restaurants or BYOBs? I have on my list places like Paesano's and John's roast pork, center city pretzel, frangelli's donuts, zavino's pizza, and obviously RTM.

Any other suggestions? I'm a big fan of desserts/sweets/baked stuff

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  1. For sweets I would try Franklin Fountain in Old City.

      1. Bakery-style tomato pie from places like Sarcone's Bakery, Cacia's, Ianelli's.
        Hardena, Indonesian food dive
        Tasty Asia, delivery Indonesian food, whole grilled Javanese fish fior $8.
        Banh Mi from Ba Le or other places
        Couple obscure ones from the Cambodian ghetto:
        pork/egg bun, can buy it at Heng Seng
        Pork belly/egg yolk sticky rice, can buy it at one of the groceries on S. 7th St
        Used to be able to get barbecued chicken and pork skewers from an old lady at 8th & Jackson, haven't seen her in a while

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          To expand on the tomato pie idea, go to Carangi bakery on Oregon Ave between 12th and 13th Sts for very good stromboli (also called pepperoni bread). And while you are down there, you can also try some water ice at Pop's.

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            if youre looking for a new tomato pie/specialty pizzas to try you should try Baker Street Bread Company in chestnut hill - its not really in the main part of the city but i think theyve been overlooked ALOT & make a wonderful all natural, preservative free, fresh product. all of their tomato pies/pizzas are baked fresh every morning on their focaccia dough - so its more of an artisan pizza but the flavors are really good. they roast garlic VERY early every morning for the tomato pies & their spinach/ricotta pizza is excellent. worth trying a new place if youre ever in the chestnut hill area :)

          2. La Rosa sicilian pizza in S. Philly.
            Brown Betty for cupcakes

            By the way, Zavino IS SIT DOWN. I'm not sure if they do take out, but this is a sit-down restaurant for sure. Still worthy trying tho. Tasty.

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              If you're looking for sweets/baked stuff, I'd add Market Day canele. But you can only get them in limited places. They are often sold at the year-round Rittenhouse Square farmer's market on Saturdays, at the Headhouse Sunday Market, (but that doesn't begin until May), and I understand the Fair Food Project in the RTM is getting them in on Fridays.

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                Zavino does do take-out at the bar...

                I'd add milk chocolate peanut butter pretzels from Mueller's and soft pretzels from Miller's Twist at Reading Terminal Market. Also the molasses and sugar cookies at Tartes are very good.

              2. Nick's roast beef at 20th and Jackson