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Mar 19, 2011 10:35 AM

San Francisco chowhound in Paris for five nights - starting today

We are staying in the 4th. Open to any restaurant that is a must with an average cost of 100.00 dollars per couple for lunch or dinner
It is raining yet a gorgeous city !!!

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  1. 4th? Try the Enfants Rouges market tomorrow (sunday) morning and all the food shops on rue de Bretagne.
    And the very good ice cream place called Mary.
    Not too far from you are these eateries that are good but not phenomenal, and where you have a chance of reserving so late:
    - Le Gaigne
    - the good wine bar with good food Les Deux Amis
    - Ditto Verre Volé toward the Canal Saint Martin.
    You can find their numbers and addresses and opening days on line.
    Very short notice. Good luck with reservation.

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        Yup. I can't believe you don't know !

    1. Le Dôme du Marais
      L'As du Falafel