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Mar 19, 2011 09:47 AM

Hainanese Chicken Rice in Boston (Chinatown or elsewhere?)

I'm looking for a more or less authentic version of this famous Hainanese/Singapore treat, with the traditional condiments, etc. Anything of the like to be found?

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    1. I'll be curious to revisit the version at Bubor ChaCha. Very few reports on the HCR, most of which are about a year ago, all sort of pointing towards the bland (my experience as well). But their kitchen is highly variable, sometimes really firing on all cylinders, and by now perhaps they've built up a great golden stock. In my lone experience, they seemed to have gotten the rest of the story down straight, just needed a bit more of that birdy oomph in the rice.

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        The one time I had it at Bubor ChaCha, the rice was excellent. The chicken OK. I don't think I've ever had a version of this dish that has truly knocked my socks off. I'm thinking that chicken in the US is just not as tasty as in Asia.

      2. JohnResa beat me to it. I had it with former Boston Hound, Limster as to where we had it. I think it was Penang but he may have had better versions. Will update when I know more.

        1. I'm a big fan of Vinh-Sun BBQ, but its version of Hainanese chicken rice is very weak.

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            I think the best local preparation of this genre may be the empress chicken at Best Little restaurant. The rice (if you get the rice plate) is just plain rice but the chicken is very good. Slightly off topic but since you mention bbq, I just found out that roast pork (cha siu) at Hong kong eatery is available verbally (not listed on menu) in two styles or cuts, "fat" and "no fat". Not sure exactly what the cuts are but the "fat" is more tender/juicy.

          2. I had a crave a few weeks ago and ordered it at Penang. I was REALLy disappointed. I thought it was very bland.