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Mar 19, 2011 08:28 AM

Just stole a 3.5 quart LC yesterday! Ideas to break it in?

My wife and I stopped in at the JcPenney outlet yesterday to check out some area rugs. No luck there, but while cruising through the store my wife stopped over at a rack of miscellaneous cooking stuff. What did she immediately pick up? The bright orange Le Creuset box that contained a Cobalt Blue 3.5 qt. French Oven - brand new, first quality... perfect.

The price? $34.99!?!?!?!

Probably a return from an Internet order (I don't think JcP stocks them in the store) - I assume the person at the outlet who does the pricing had just never seen one before and didn't bother to look at what the price "should be."

Anyway... what should I make to break this in? I have a 5.5 qt LC that I've used a lot - the "magical pot of destiny" I call it. (That one was also basically stolen!) Just not sure what specifically I should throw in this blue one.

Also, just for reference, as I look at the Cobalt Blue next to the Cherry Red on the stovetop, I start to see how people get addicted to collecting colors!

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  1. You are a lucky man! What about no knead bread?

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    1. re: olympia

      Nice score KB! Another fine example of" right place at the right time" How about osso bucco or braised lamb shanks?

      1. re: petek

        I've actually made no-knead bread before.

        Have yet to try osso bucco or the lamb shanks, but I probably won't get to that this weekend.

        I'm not sure I'll get to make something in the new LC tomorrow or not. I have a chuck roast in the fridge I pulled out of the freezer the other day. I may actually throw that in the smoker outside tomorrow and make some pulled beef. If so, I could make a side in the 3.5 LC. Not sure what though... I'll look around. Other suggestions are welcome!

    2. Cook something low and slow