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Mar 19, 2011 08:06 AM

trip report - Fernandina and Savannah

went to Fernindina and Savannah last week--heres a brief report

Horizons in Fernindina was great--ahad their flunder==very good wine list---had a J Vinters Pinot Noir,excelent. In St Marys went to Cedar Oak Cafe for breakfast, very good local place and only $7 for 2 bagles/egg sandwichws and coffee
Went to Borrells in St Marys--it was the worst service ever,and Im 65--took 30 minues for a glass of wine, and she brought the wrong wine, meal took an hour--talked to the owner,all she gave was excuses,no sorry--shame because the food was good, but id stay away.Had lunch at Red Tomatoe in Fern, excellent BBQ
In Savannah, we loved the Pink House eat in the old section if possible, and the Office, Breafast at Clarys and Hueys--great. Belfords and Vics were not very good, they were just OK. Hueys ahd s incredible beignets,and tables on the river

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  1. I'm interested in Vic's on the River. Was it bad food, bad service or both?

    Vic's on the River
    26 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401