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Mar 19, 2011 07:37 AM

Toronto Wine and Cheese Show

Can anyone tell me from recent experience if the show is good value and a worthwhile experience? As well is it a crowded event with lineups?

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  1. The one at the international centre? Back in the day, if you were into that type of thing, it was totally worth the money. It took up the main hall and the one attached to that. There are many things I tried for the first time, before they hit the store shelves, that were amazing. My hubby and I would take the entire day walking and drinking and eating, finishing off with him using up his last tickets for a taste of some expensive liquor and my 'treat' was chocolate mousse with screech on top (sounds awful but it was delicious and perhaps the only way I would consume screech)

    But then a few years ago, they sold the rights to the show and the new people did things differently. It's now small and in Hall 5. Some may say that it's more intimate but many of our fav vendors were no longer there, with so few booths we would have to either walk extremely slowly or stand around so as to not complete entire show whilst still drinking first glass of wine. We did try again the next year but don't recall trying anything new either time. Not eager to head up this year....

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      Thanks for replying. This is defintely the first time I've heard chocolate mouse and screech in the same sentence. Would love to hear from anyone that attended last year or yesterday.

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        There is another thread posted by someone who went the other day.

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          Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't seem to find another thread? Maybe it was taken down for some reason?

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            Yeah, I couldn't find it either. I am kind of curious to hear about people's experiences and if things have improved overall..

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              These sort of shows rarely improve, they just die a slow lingering death. I would be very surprised if anyone found that it was worth the effort and money to go there. I have not been in at least 15 years so maybe someone else should mention how they liked it.



    2. The wine and cheese show is pretty bad. The venue is too small which cause massive crowding and poor selection. Also the location out by the airport is not easy to transit to, so somebody needs to take the boring job of DD.
      As much as everybody complains about the Food and Wine show, it's all around much better than the Wine and Cheese show.