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Mar 19, 2011 07:09 AM

What to wear to La Grenouille?

I realize this isn't a 'food' question ... but I'd like to ask those who have gone to La Grenouille, what they wore, and what they would suggest for a woman to wear?

My date will be dressed in a suit I'm sure, so no problem there.

Do all the women wear dresses, or would dress pants be fine?

Thank you,

La Grenouille
3 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

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  1. It is the kind of place that is fun to get a little dressed up for: think Holly Golightly or Jacky O. I probably wouldn't wear jeans, but either a dress or pants would be fine.

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    1. re: City Kid

      I think jackets are required for men. So a woman should dress according to that standard...jeans would be absurd there (and possibly not permitted). Dress pants would be fine but a dress or skirt even better and certainly appropriate for the place. If not there, where?

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        My date will be wearing a jacket, a suit most likely. I was thinking a black dress, with my pearl jewelry. No jeans ... this is my birthday, I WANT to dress up.

        1. re: DeeMe

          Black dress and pearls...perfect!!!

      2. re: City Kid

        Thank you for your reply ... I would never wear jeans, so that's not an issue. I was thinking either a black dress with jewelry, or black dress pants and nice blouse/sweater.

      3. Does anybody happen to know if it tends to be warm or cool inside?

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        1. re: DeeMe

          Don't wear a sleeveless dress...or if you do, bring a wrap or a shawl or a sweater. Just in case.

          1. re: gutsofsteel

            Dress isn't sleeveless, and will bring a sweater/shawl in case.

        2. Eating here is an event. Dress up and go all out for your dining experience.

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            1. Agreed, we found it dressy, in a good way. A restaurant where jeans are frowned upon is a welcome place. Don't forget the soufle.

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              1. re: comiendosiempre

                Yes, am planning on ordering the cheese souffle for dinner and chocolate souffle for dessert. :)

                1. re: DeeMe

                  Be sure to have some nice wine too :-)

                  Looking forward to your report.

                  1. re: DeeMe

                    Looking forward to hearing about the souffl├ęs.

                    1. re: prima

                      I'll report back asap ... leaving this Thursday and will return on Tuesday.