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What to wear to La Grenouille?

I realize this isn't a 'food' question ... but I'd like to ask those who have gone to La Grenouille, what they wore, and what they would suggest for a woman to wear?

My date will be dressed in a suit I'm sure, so no problem there.

Do all the women wear dresses, or would dress pants be fine?

Thank you,

La Grenouille
3 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

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  1. It is the kind of place that is fun to get a little dressed up for: think Holly Golightly or Jacky O. I probably wouldn't wear jeans, but either a dress or pants would be fine.

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      I think jackets are required for men. So a woman should dress according to that standard...jeans would be absurd there (and possibly not permitted). Dress pants would be fine but a dress or skirt even better and certainly appropriate for the place. If not there, where?

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        My date will be wearing a jacket, a suit most likely. I was thinking a black dress, with my pearl jewelry. No jeans ... this is my birthday, I WANT to dress up.

        1. re: DeeMe

          Black dress and pearls...perfect!!!

      2. re: City Kid

        Thank you for your reply ... I would never wear jeans, so that's not an issue. I was thinking either a black dress with jewelry, or black dress pants and nice blouse/sweater.

      3. Does anybody happen to know if it tends to be warm or cool inside?

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          Don't wear a sleeveless dress...or if you do, bring a wrap or a shawl or a sweater. Just in case.

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            Dress isn't sleeveless, and will bring a sweater/shawl in case.

        2. Eating here is an event. Dress up and go all out for your dining experience.

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            1. Agreed, we found it dressy, in a good way. A restaurant where jeans are frowned upon is a welcome place. Don't forget the soufle.

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                Yes, am planning on ordering the cheese souffle for dinner and chocolate souffle for dessert. :)

                1. re: DeeMe

                  Be sure to have some nice wine too :-)

                  Looking forward to your report.

                  1. re: DeeMe

                    Looking forward to hearing about the soufflés.

                    1. re: prima

                      I'll report back asap ... leaving this Thursday and will return on Tuesday.

                2. Be sure to order a souffle for dessert. They're heavenly.

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                    I will be ... I'm ordering the chocolate souffle. :)

                  2. Not sure this helps, but I actually saw a lady of a certain age wearing a tiara. Lots of Chanel suits, facelifts and big hair too. That said, the atmosphere is very friendly and accommodating.

                    1. So, I'm back ... and thought I'd let you all know how it went. Cross posted in my birthday thread also, since I wasn't sure where to put my update.

                      First night was Shula's Steak House in the Westin Hotel I was staying at, since I was tired from the train ride. I ordered the Filet Mignon, my date ordered the Salmon. We also had a side dish of creamed spinach.

                      First time around, my steak was too rare, but second time was perfect, and melt in your mouth. My date's Salmon was delicious, I had a taste. The spinach was also very good, a bit of onion, lots of creamy sauce and cheese. Nice crusty bread, but the butter was hard. All around, a very good meal.

                      Friday, my birthday ... I met my son and girlfriend, we had breakfast at a small little hidden place, but forgot name, it wasn't far from hotel in Times Square. I had eggs, hash browns and croissant. Another good meal.

                      My son and I went to Little Italy and Chinatown. We wanted some vegetable egg rolls, which I thought would be easy to find, but took awhile. Finally found them at Old Sichuan. Nice little place, but we ordered to go. The egg rolls were small, greasy and delicious. I dripped the grease all over my blouse, but enjoyed them nonetheless. They were $1.00 each ... great price!

                      Stopped at a street vendor selling tiny cannolis (3 for $5.00). We got one of each ... very very good.

                      Friday night was my birthday dinner at La Grenouille. My date made a mistake on the street address, and the cab dropped us off 2 blocks away, I had to walk in my heels, and they were new, that was interesting. The entrance was very small, much smaller than I pictured, in one door, to the next door, very tiny space in between. LOL

                      Once inside though, you were treated royally. Coats were checked and not sure if the gentleman was the owner, but he spoke only French, welcomed us,. and never left us for long, once seated. He did not wait on us, but was always stopping to ask if I was fine, satisfied, happy, etc. etc. The other waiters were very efficient, attending to our every need, and some we never thought we needed. :)

                      Fresh flowers as noted, fresh bouquet on table, silverware was replaced and interchanged constantly. The small cookies that were brought in before order were very good. The asparagus soup was oh so tiny, but oh so good. Water was replenished constantly.

                      One note here, before I continue: I was looking for celebrities, and did spot one, but can't remember his name now ... but strangely, everyone was looking at me. Several couples never took their eyes off me, smiled at me many times, one man with his wife, stared at me, more than talk to her, it was quite strange. I either looked really good or really bad. LOL .. or perhaps I looked like someone famous. I couldn't figure it out.

                      Back to the food: The cheese souffle wasn't on the menu, my date thought I was mistaken about them having it, and I said .. absolutely they have it. The gentleman that stayed with us, said that indeed he would make sure I had the souffle. He asked if I wanted a dessert one also, so they could prepare it early. I ordered the chocolate and my date ordered the Grande Marnier. The cheese souffle was DELICIOUS ... to die for! I have a small appetite, and wanted room for dessert, so halfway through, I asked if I could take the rest with me, but they said no, they didn't do that. I thought I've read here, where others have taken food home.? Perhaps because it was a souffle? Eggs? Not sure .. but was disappointed in that, so I ate as much as I could.

                      The chocolate souffle was amazing! Oh my! I really really tried to eat it all, but just couldn't. Couldn't take that either. Darn!

                      When I got up to leave, everyone watched me leave ... the couple that was sitting in front of us, smiled and waved. I really wish I knew what that was all about!

                      All in all, I LOVED the experience there, an would love to go again.

                      I had a slice of NY style pizza, but can't remember the name ... just stopped somewhere to get a piece in a small bakery/pizza shop and ate it on the go. Very good! Bought a pretzel at Battery Park, and a bag of roasted candied cashews. They were really tasty! And of course, a hot dog, from a vendor outside my hotel.

                      After the Broadway play on Saturday night, stopped in a small restaurant across the street, again, forgot name, but had pie with meringue that reached the sky. LOL ... ok, maybe not that high. Ordered hot dog pieces in biscuit with HOT mustard ... too hot for me. Last meal was in a local pub, potato skins and apple pie ala mode.

                      I did find Momofuku and bought: slice of crack pie, slice of candy bar pie, cornflake and compost cookie. I loved the cornflake cookie and the pie .. but not the compost.

                      Had THICK hot chocolate at City Bakery ... used spoon near end and ate like pudding. Excellent and a wonderful chocolate treat, but a bit too much.

                      I may have forgotten some, if I remember I'll add later. ... but all in all .. everything was great. Had a really good time, busy, crazy, fast paced, stressful at times,. emotional at times,. but a really good trip. The Westin hotel has GREAT beds and showers ... and i slept wonderfully every night.


                      City Bakery
                      3 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

                      La Grenouille
                      3 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

                      270 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036

                      Old Sichuan
                      65 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

                      Momofuku Milk Bar
                      15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

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                      1. re: DeeMe

                        Happy to hear you had a nice trip, and a good experience at La Grenouille.

                        Glad you like the pies and cornflake cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar. Sorry to hear you didn't like the compost cookie- I'm the one who suggested that DeeMe try it.

                        I should probably add "chacun à son goût" to my posts, since tastes can be so variable, and my tastes are often distinct from the general consensus on this Board. I don't tend to seek out burgers, hot dogs, bagels, pizza, steak or cupcakes when I'm in NYC, which seem to top many visitors' wishlists. Not that there's anything wrong with seeking out those foods, it's just not my thing. I usually seek out foods that can't be found easily where I live.

                        It sounds like overall, apart from the compost cookie, you lucked out with food you enjoyed on your trip ;-) Nicely done!

                        La Grenouille
                        3 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

                        1. re: DeeMe

                          In your avatar picture, you look quite a bit like Ruth Reichl... wonder if people thought you were her?

                          Oh, you should definitely exploit that the next time you're in NYC :)

                          1. re: DeeMe

                            La Grenouille is one of those only in NY restaurants where everybody checks you out as you make your entrance. Same thing happened to us, but when they realized we were nobodies, focus drifted elsewhere. Grateful to be out of the limelight, we basked in the service and ministrations of the staff.

                            La Grenouille
                            3 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

                            1. re: whs

                              whs: Yes, that would have made sense .... but I was watched constantly, by many of the diners, the whole time we were there. The owner never went far from our table, and was continually asking me if I needed anything. It was quite surreal.

                              I looked up Ruth Reichl, and I do look allot like her ... and read she's a food author. If that's the case, that would make sense. LOL

                              Regardless, I loved loved loved the souffles!

                              1. re: DeeMe

                                Not just any food writer - the NYTimes restaurant reviewer for years, and then the editor-in-chief at Gourmet. It was a huge deal when her picture was first published b/c she went to such great lengths to disguise herself when she was at the Times. Everyone in the restaurant business knows who she is, and probably a big chunk of the general population too. Did you notice any looks anywhere else?

                                1. re: daveena

                                  Yes, when I was at the Broadway play .... there were allot of stares also. And when we ate out afterwards. Also, at the hotel a few times, and in the hotel restaurant.

                                  Wow ... I guess she isn't just any food writer!

                          2. Thanks for reporting back, DeeMe...so glad you enjoyed La Grenouille. It is such a magical place, the last of its breed. When I have been there I have had a captain who doted on me with just the right amount of attention to make it a special experience. And those cookies! Vive La Genouille!