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Mar 18, 2011 10:43 PM

East Side Breakfast/Brunch - NOT on the strip!

You Las Vegans know how it is: West is west, and east is east, and never the ...well, you know. We west siders have no idea that there is an entire other world out there on the other side of the strip. But DH has discovered a cricket club that plays there somewhere that he wants to check out, AND there is a classic car show in Sunset Park this Sunday, AND he has heard that there are some nice walking trails in that park. So to entice me out of my comfort zone he has offered to buy me lunch/brunch in return for exploring these various east-side events. Neither one of us is interested in going to the strip, and the Sunset Station buffet isn't quite what I had in mind....any ideas? Bonus points for good Huevos Rancheros or South Indian (I suppose I'm dreaming on that one...). Just about any ethnic is fine. We considered the Flame Kabob that I have posted on elsewhere, but I was hoping for a place where I could have a little ethanol with my meal. Any suggestions? I was thinking Carlito's sounds interesting, but I've read mixed reviews....and if burritos is the featured item, well, I really don't LIKE burritos all that much. Any east-side Hounds out there?

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  1. there are good walking trails at sunset. Across the street from the park is one of the egg and I restaurants, which is pretty reliable. Down at GV and Sunset is Weiss' Deli, which does a very good deli b/fast (no ethanol, though, at least as far as I know). there is pretty good vietnamese up at eastern and pebble (Lemongrass Cafe) which opens at 11-ish, I think. At the BJ's brew pub on Eastern (admittedly a chain) they do a breakfast with bloody mary's that is never crowded. there is a vivo michocan further down sunset (a bit west of sunset station) that does have huevos racheros and where you probably could get a margarita at brunch.
    Another option is to go up to Settebello's for lunch...just a short distance up GV Parkway, and delicious pizza; full liquor license, and then you are right by the 215 (and Whole Foods if you need any groceries) for a straight shot home.

    140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012

    1. Republic Kitchen. It is on Eastern, just south of 215. True brunch menu, very creative and quality service, last time we went it was $16 and imcluded the entire menu. Be sure to call and verify, and to make a reservation. Very easy to get to from Sunset Park, new and stylish.