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Mustard Oil?

I have noticed lately bottles of mustard oil in several supermarkets. Anybody tried it? How good is the oil compared to other oils nutritionally. The oil is yellow in colour.

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  1. Hi, be careful when purchasing mustard oil. I found out that some of the Indian brands are for external use only, but sold in the grocery section( read labels carefully). make sure it is a cooking oil. It is a slightly spicy oil, used as a base for curries or spicier salad dressings. I think it is a healthy oil, but it has less of a shelf life than others. good luck!

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      Mustard oil is a key ingredient in making mostarda. That's about the only spot where I've used it (otherwise I just use mustard because pure oil doesn't emulsify easily)

    2. Yes? Hi! It's used in certain Indian and Bangladeshi recipes and also has some medicinal uses.

      Have a look here if you want to see some of the recipes that use mustard oil.


      1. Yep, first make sure it's edible. Indians use the oil for cooking as well as for massaging on the body.

        It goes well when added into a marinade for lamb kebabs. It is also a popular oil for frying indian snacks like samosas etc.

        1. Thanks for replying. I saw mustard oil at No Frills and somewhere else (can't recall). I was curious about mustard oil because I've never used it.

          1. The "external use" issue for mustard oil is complicated. See a previous thread (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/365925 ) and links therein.

            1. Interesting discussion. But, at the end of the day, I don't trust the FDA one bit. They have their own nefarious agenda. Their goal is to protect the US food industry. Mustard oil has been used in India for centuries. I will take that evidence over something put out by the FDA.

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                I'm on your side, on the whole, on relying on traditional practices over newfangled and possibly suspect government rulings. Tobacco poses a bit of a problem, though.

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                  I TOTALLY agree with you, ManAbout, on your views toward the FDA . One thing to consider, however, is that South Asians have a statistically high proportion of heart disease, so I'd be somewhat cautious about equating mustard oil's use for centuries as being an indicator of its being part of a healthy diet. Maybe for very occasional use it's okay.

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                    I may be wrong, but I thought the heart disease (and diabetes II) problems are of recent origin, attributable to a sudden increase in the richness of the diet and a more sedentary lifestyle, than to traditional foods.

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                      Quite likely it's a combination of a number of factors, as you suggest, but I was a guest a few years ago at a corporate fundraiser for heart disease in the South Asian community and a cardiologist who was MC spoke of the high levels unhealthy oils as one factor ... just going on the basis of that ...

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                      Mustard oil itself is not the main cooking oil used in India. It is something called Dalda, made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and containing trans fats, which seems to be a lot more dangerous.

                      Oh and Indians also use ghee, i.e clarified butter and coconut oil extensively in cooking. In addition their diet is also high in carbohydrates. Depending on who you listen to, each one of those factors either cause or prevent heart diseases. LOL.

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                        And many Indians who don't use those oils or eat a lot of carbohydrates can also have heart disease and disbetes type two. It's quite possible that it is hereditary.