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Mar 18, 2011 08:09 PM

Mustard Oil?

I have noticed lately bottles of mustard oil in several supermarkets. Anybody tried it? How good is the oil compared to other oils nutritionally. The oil is yellow in colour.

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  1. Hi, be careful when purchasing mustard oil. I found out that some of the Indian brands are for external use only, but sold in the grocery section( read labels carefully). make sure it is a cooking oil. It is a slightly spicy oil, used as a base for curries or spicier salad dressings. I think it is a healthy oil, but it has less of a shelf life than others. good luck!

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      Mustard oil is a key ingredient in making mostarda. That's about the only spot where I've used it (otherwise I just use mustard because pure oil doesn't emulsify easily)

    2. Yes? Hi! It's used in certain Indian and Bangladeshi recipes and also has some medicinal uses.

      Have a look here if you want to see some of the recipes that use mustard oil.

      1. Yep, first make sure it's edible. Indians use the oil for cooking as well as for massaging on the body.

        It goes well when added into a marinade for lamb kebabs. It is also a popular oil for frying indian snacks like samosas etc.

        1. Thanks for replying. I saw mustard oil at No Frills and somewhere else (can't recall). I was curious about mustard oil because I've never used it.

          1. The "external use" issue for mustard oil is complicated. See a previous thread ( ) and links therein.