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Mar 18, 2011 06:51 PM

Lung soup?

I have been told that in Italy, the pork lung can be used for soup. Any information on this would be most welcome. I have a fresh set of pork lungs and can find little help with an internet search.
Thank you

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  1. You can put this through Google Translate:

    It calls for veal lungs, as do all the recipes for lung soup I looked at. I have no idea what the difference is, if any, between pork and veal lungs.

    1. I dont have a soup recipe, but I did try it in risotto recipe I have from an Italian pork cook book. You basically finely dice the lung, use a basic risotto recipe with meat. that is, fry the onion, garlic, maybe some celery all finely chopped with the diced lung. add a tablespoon of tomato paste and a glass of white wine, some good stock. etc etc ( I am assuming you know basic risotto technique). topped with butter and generous Parmesan. I loved it, the flavor was great, but the texture of lung is not for everyone. I'd make it again.