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Mar 18, 2011 04:58 PM

The Farmhouse Kitchen in Rockville Centre

This is a small takeout place with a few tables. I can't find their website but the address is
171 Maple Ave RVC. 516-442-5702

We have had take out twice now. Great ribs, chicken pot pie, salad with raspberries and fried goat cheese croutons, codfish cakes. Desserts were made with real whipped cream. Everything is great.
The guy went to the Culinary and has a very ambitious menu.

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  1. I've gone there a number of times. The duck with strawberries is quite nice - its not currently on their website. I hope its not gone too long. I'm not one for eating skin - but this stuff was insanely good. As I recall its like $18, but you get 1/2 the bird. The fried chicken - sadly I ate the skin on that too. Well seasoned & a deep mahogany - I smile just thinking about it. The Pork Schnitzel was a little plain, but the simplicity of the buttered noodles (I added dill) reminded me of yesteryear. The salad with the thick parm frico we get all the time.

    The IceBox cake was different, but good & mercifully not overly sweet.

    There was some sliced potato side that was nicely seasoned through to the center, but it came as a conjoined sliced mass. I'm still trying to figure out how they made it.

    Overall the meals are lower in veg, but salads & sides make up. The string beans are nicely tender-crisp.