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Mar 18, 2011 04:19 PM

Umeboshi Storage/Shelf Life?

Hi all-

Does anyone know how long umeboshi plums last unrefrigerated? We picked some up in Kyoto last week in a plastic pint container and shipped them home - want to make sure they're safe to eat after a week of being unrefrigerated...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They basically last forever - Umeboshi was invented specifically to last without refrigeration.

    1. My grandma makes umeboshi from a tree in her backyard and stores them in a dated jar under a floorboard in the kitchen. The last time I was there I was eating umeboshi that were four years old. They never get refrigerated. They could last longer than that if they didn't get eaten.

      1. My mom makes it and we keep in the refrigerator. I just got some from 2008, three years ago. I recall we'd be eating them going back four or five years sometimes. The flavor gets better with age - and yours is probably already a few years old. It's also kept unrefrigerated in a jar on the table, as a condiment.

        I just read that the seed has chemicals that are transformed into an aromatic toxin that helps to preserve them. If you put umeboshi into a rice ball, it'll last for a day unrefrigerated. Normally, unrefrigerated warm rice spoils in a day, so it's pretty amazing that just putting this pickle inside will preserve it.