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Mar 18, 2011 03:22 PM

How much do you spend for 2 at a chain restaurant - $30 to $50?

The last seven bills we've had for two chain restaurants have been between $40 and $50, including tax and tip including usually 1 wine and 2 beers.

TGIF and Olive Garden.

Does this fit your spending at any chain restaurant.

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  1. $15-20 per person sounds about right. Although, the last sit-down chain I went to was CheeburgerCheeburger and I think I dropped $35 or so, but that was more about checking out the location.

    More than $25 per seems strange. I mean, aren't prices low, servings huge and not much worth ordering?

    1. I'm more in the $45-60+ range per person in the chains I frequent......steakhouses would be higher.

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        fourunder, you spend 45-60/person at a chain? which ones do you frequent?

        1. re: Augie6

          Grand Lux Cafe, Houston's, Rosa Mexicano, Napa Valley Grill and Legal Sea Foods .....once in a while, The Cheesecake Factory.

          Apps are usually in the 8-10 buck range, entrees are 22 plus and desserts are 8-10. I rarely drink wine out, but beer is 5-6 bucks, Highballs are 9 bucks and straight booze on ice is usually 11-14 bucks. Wine would be comparable to the higher prices mentioned. When I drink, if I order one, it will usually end up being at least two for me, but up to three....same for the GF. If I don't partake in booze, a bottle of mineral water usually costs 6-7 bucks and two are normally ordered.

          These are dinner check totals before tip.....lunch is usually 60-75 for two before tip. The food is priced lower, but not the booze.

          1. re: fourunder

            Understandable, once again most of those chains do not really pop up in my area. ... It seems most people assume they are getting a good deal at chains... i.e. Hamburger at Friday with salad ended up costing around $15, noone complained. Took same people to a "gastropub" hamburger and salad $16 and thought it was a rip off hahah ..

            1. re: Augie6

              My posting was $30-50 for the two local chain restaurants that are available; however, I do see that on November 5 months ago at Cheesecke Factory in Baltimore, Md. the bill was a little more than $70.