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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in Edmonton

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If Guy Fieri , the Larry Flint of food pornography, were to come to Edmonton, which places or dishes do you think would qualify for a spread?

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  1. I would have sent him to the Motoraunt (now demised) for a Monster Burger.

    1. Having posted this almost a week ago and with only one response I might draw the conclusion that Edmonton does not have any DDD worthy spots.

      Or maybe, taking my earlier analogy a bit further, we are reluctant to admit to enjoying such a thing.

      1. Deluxe Burger for sure! sooo good.....plus you get cotton candy after your meal!

        1. Bubba's BBQ trailer of course..

          1. Dadeo for an oyster po boy.
            Maybe Urban Diner for their meatloaf?

            Urban Diner
            12427 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N, CA

            1. I think he would love Haps - if only for the experience of waiting in line forever on a weekend, and their pancakes!

              He would have loved the Motoraunt - was so sad when it closed.

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                This was asked before here, with similar responses:

                I would add Tony's Pizza Place to the list, but take away Delux Burger bar, their stuff is trendy for sure, but overpriced, over salted and often over cooked.

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                  I am mystified by Tony's reputation in Edmonton.

                  Would the Red Star Pub qualify for its quality although it might not meet the DDD portion size and fat and sodium content requirements?