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Mar 18, 2011 02:35 PM

Boynton Beach/Delray Beach restaurants and food markets!

Heading to Boynton Beach in the next three weeks and would love to get some new ideas for restaurants. Fish restaurants would be great. Also, if there is anything that is a bit out of the ordinary that would be great as well. Finally,would appreciate suggestions for good food markets (not your Publix type places) in the area since we will have cooking facilities in the condo!!

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  1. On southwest corner of Boynton Beach Blvd and Congress Ave is a mall with a Publix, but there are 2 restaurants there too: Capriccio Tapas (not Spanish, mostly seafood and Italian) for a lovely and delicious dinner and Ginza Sushi if you are into sushi buffet restaurants (their sushi is quite good, but the hot "oriental" dishes are lackluster. Ginza offers buffet lunch for $10 per person. You'll also find lots of chain restaurants along Congress just north of the Blvd.

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      Thanks CJT. Any non-chain local places? My MIL tends to suggest a lot of the chains and I am hoping to see some local color. There used to be a place called Captain's Catch on Military. Is it any good? Have not been there in years. Also, Mama Mia's at Woolbrite? Any thoughts on that place? I see it all the time but never have eaten there. Thanks.

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        If you're looking for red sauce Italian go to Mamma Mia's on Jog Road just north of Gateway. Good food, huge portions, very reasonable prices.

    2. the Boys on Military is a great food market and they also have the Girls (pick your own strawberries etc) a little south on Military.

      Bedners Farms on 441 in Boynton is fun for produce and pick your own.

      In Boca in Boca Center also on Military is Joseph's Market which has produce, fish, meats, breads.

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        Thanks! I have not heard of the Girls. I knew of the Boys when it was a little stand but I have not been in it since it is actually a real market. The other two I have never heard of. Would Joseph's be the best place for fish? We are actually staying in Delray so that would not be too far. Thanks again. If you think of more suggestions feel free to add!

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          I think Joseph's fish is better than the Boys and is much cheaper in price. There is also a street market in Delray on Saturday morning for fish, produce, eggs, mozzarella etc located on the South side of Atlantic on the corner of the Green Owl cafe.

          Josephs is on the E side of Military across from Town Center Rd in the same strip mall as Mortons and Sbux.

      2. +1 on Joseph's for seafood and Bedners for produce. For dinner out, Henry's on Jog Road in Delray is good. If you like Lobster, there is Prime Catch on the Intracoastal in Boynton and Station House in Lantana.

        1. There's only one place to buy fish in Palm Beach County: Captain Frank's. It's the first place you see on Boynton Beach Boulevard east of I-95, funky looking blue and white building on your left. Excellent selection, lot of locally caught seafood, all of impeccable quality. Not cheap, but it's the best. When Joey and crew take their annual September off, I don't buy fish at retail until they reopen.

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            I was a big fan of Captain Frank's - until recently.

            For a special occasion, I purchased a live 3lb Maine lobster. It was not cheap... something like $13/pound. Sign at store clearly states lobsters are "hard shell".

            When I got it home and cooked it... it was clearly a soft-shell (new shell) lobster. Watery... tiny amount of meat inside... and the shells you could not break, but instead had to cut with cooking shears. I've spent years in Boothbay - lobster village - so I know a soft shell when I see one.

            I wrote a detailed letter to the store... and never received the courtesy of a phone call, email, or note back - and I supplied that info.

            So I can't recommend Captain Frank's any more. They took a 10 year loyal customer and lost him because they didn't seem to care.

          2. I recently moved here from Seattle, a fantastic food and produce haven, where amazing farmers markets are in every neighborhood, sustainable farming and slow food cooking are commonplace and food is a religion. Wild Alaskan Salmon, Spot Prawns, Dungness Crab, and King Crab Legs are staples, not delicacies

            To me, South Florida is a food wasteland. I have been on the prowl for good farmers markets and fresh seafood vendors. Went to a farmer's market in Boynton Beach. It consisted of 2 cardboard boxes in a tiny parking lot with some overpriced vegetables.

            Bedner's, which was mentioned, is ok and I do shop there. They grow a few varieties of seasonal veggies and some fruits, which is rare to find in this part of Florida. They also sell rescued shelter dogs every other Saturday, which I've never seen at a Farmer's Market before. When in season, you can pick tomatoes, strawberries and corn. Coming from the Northwest, I really miss the amazing u-pick farms, which I totally took for granted.

            The Girls is definitely worth a visit, next to the Boys. When it's strawberry season, the picking is good.

            If you are willing to go a bit farther north, try Rorabeck's Produce. It's on Military Trail in Lake Worth. It's hit and miss, I've bought large cantaloupes for a buck, some of the produce is over ripe, cheap, coming from Mexico, Central and South america. Even still, worth the trip, and I do most of my produce shopping there. Great prices!

            For fish, Captain Frank's is overpriced, but sometimes a good selection. There is an interesting fish market in West Palm Beach called Oxtails.
            It's the closest thing to the old N.Y. Fulton Fish Market. Whole fish, fresh, laid out on ice, they gut it and clean it. Nice selection. Also, go next door to their meat store, a few doors down. It's an experience.

            I also like to shop in some of the Asian markets found on military trail. Nice selection of Asian vegetables.

            But nothing quite compares to the Pike Place Market in Seattle. sigh.

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              I'm English and when I first moved to South Fl a few years back I was shocked at the quality and variety of produce, such a lack of interesting fruits and vegetables, the high prices. I got excited to see rhubarb in Josephs a few weeks ago but that was just the once, where are passion fruits, kiwis, white cabbages, good apples, pear selections?

              I guess I have got used to it but was back in London last week and sighed as I walked around Marks and Spencers foods.

              1. re: smartie

                smartie, I sympathize. I am going through serious withdrawals. I have yet to find rhubarb, ruby chard (no one even knows what that is!), garnet yams, house cured meats, TRUE french croissant framboise and REAL coffee like Fonte, not Starbucks (blech). And the food prices are outrageous here, for less than mediocre produce, compared to Seattle.

                Passion fruit? LOL!

                What is wrong with Floridians and their lackluster, uneducated palates?? The only decent restaurant I've found that comes close to good eats is Joseph's Wine Bar in Delray Beach. Jimmy's Bistro was very good, and looking forward to trying Brule.

                The Whole Foods in Wellington was a pleasant surprise.

                Ah, what I wouldn't give for a rainy Seattle day and a cup of hot steaming, fresh Cioppino made with local halibut, local prawns, local salmon and just one of dozens of the local artisan bread makers.

                After you've dined at restaurants like Art of the Table (, dining in Florida is like the ghetto.

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                  While I can't help you with most of your cravings, Fresh Market routinely carries garnet yams.

                  Fresh Market
                  18295 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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                    Saw ruby chard at the Publix on Boynton Beach Blvd near Lyons yesterday.

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                      Thank you Alfred. I'm going to be in the Canyon shopping center tomorrow. I hope I don't faint when I see the price of the ruby chard. It's as cheap as dirt in the Northwest since nearly everyone grows it in their backyards.

                      I will also have to check out Fresh Market. I think there is one in Wellington.

                      Thanks for all the suggestions.

                      Fresh Market
                      18295 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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                        Alfred G, stopped by the Publix in Canyon Shopping Center, saw the Ruby Chard - it was $3.99 a bunch, looked sickly and wilted. It's less than half the price where I'm from and usually it is freshly picked that day, off the farm. To me, it is like selling 6 day old grass clippings at $75.00 lb.

                        I guess I can live without it.

                        What great Floridian cuisine, produce, staples am I missing out on?

                  2. re: dogtrainer

                    Dogtrainer, if you want decent, fresh seafood, try Seafood World on Federal highway in Lighthouse Point. It's no Pike Place Market (I've been there!), but the fish comes right off the boat, and it's all laid out on ice for you. The chowder was pretty good last time I was there too. (But it's been a while).

                    Cheryl :)