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Mar 18, 2011 12:18 PM

I just got a juice machine! What should I do with it?

I'm a college senior who just really got into cooking this college year (several months ago I didn't even know how to sautee), and it was this Spring break that my parents ended up finding a juice machine in one of the cabinets of their kitchen! I'm very excited about trying it out, but I'm short on creative ideas.

I was hoping someone else out there would know what some of the best juices are to make that you can't get in a normal supermarket. Also, I'm guessing that there are some interesting cooking and baking recipes that could require exotic juices, I just don't know what they would be or how to find them.

I'm open for recommendations or creative ideas to get some interesting work in the kitchen happening!

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  1. my favorite is carrot apple and beet.

    1. Make all kinds of juice for the first 2 weeks then put it in the pantry and not touch again for 5 years.

      Then sell it in a garage sale for 25% of what you paid for it.

      1. I'm not into sweets so I tend to drink vegetable juices.
        Celery Parsley, carrot, beet, watercress... etc.
        Dang I could have had a V-8. :-D

        1. I just bought a used one (Juiceman Jr.) in December at a thrift store and I LOVE it...carrot, apple and kale is my favorite blend so far. Sometimes I just do carrot. Not sure which kind you have but I save the carrot pulp to use on my green salads, tons of fiber so I don't want to waste it. It *IS* a pain to clean but I do love the juices. I think it's great your mom and dad dug it out and gave it to you!

          1. Strong motor?
            Orange, apple, pear, cucumber
            Carrot, beet, apple
            Lemon, lime, pineapple
            Mango, carrot, kale
            Watermelon, cucumber and ginger
            Honeydew melon and pear

            Really all you need to do is follow the fruits and vegetables you enjoy and experiment with combos you like in small batches.
            You can freeze the juice in batches. Or freeze them into fruit pops.
            Or if you have a blender, add some juiced fruit to a yogurt blended smoothie.

            I use the pulp in baked goods and sometimes in smoothies.

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              Carrot, granny smith apple, & celery, has to be the most thirst quenching drink in the world. We love it. DH puts sweet apples in his juice. He also adds raw beets sometimes too.
              Have fun with it. We used to do enough to take a water bottle with us to work. Great pepper-upper!