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Mar 18, 2011 12:12 PM

Driving i-35 between KC and Des Moines

I've tried searching old posts, but the only place I've found recommended to stop at was a CoffeeHouse in Lamoni just inside Iowa. Anyone have any other recommendations that are worth a spot on this trip?

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  1. Honestly, I've made that trip hundreds of times, and really can't think of anything that was worthy of mentioning. Just north of Bethany there is a Mexican restaurant that was pretty good, but not that noteworthy. You might get luckier if you stray farther off of 35, though.

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      Secret Spots from Trza:

      Sale Barn Cafe: in Lamoni Short hour cafe closes at 2pm, homemade everything from pies to casserole to baked bread and full breakfast. Outside smells like cows. Call ahead.
      900 E Main St, Lamoni, IA

      The Dinky Diner in Decatur City serves a good breakfast in an original double-wide prefab diner manufactured in the fifties.

      The Roadside Inn in Martensdale advertises a "famous giant loin" on the menu, but you can find a better one ten miles off the freeway in Old Peru, right next to East Peru at the Peru Bar and Grill, get off on the Truro exit. My review is here:

      Roadside Inn
      325 N Highway 28, Martensdale, IA 50160

      Dinky Diner
      104 NE 4th St, Decatur, IA 50067

    2. Thanks to both! This is good info. I kinda, sorta thot it was no man's land in there, but trza gives me hope. We'll see! Thank you for your replies!