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Storing Feta Cheese???

I purchased Feta from an online source and it was not sent in a brine. How do I store it properly? Googled it and found to either make a brine or store it in milk. What ratio of salt to water for the brine? Any info is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I normally keep my french feta in a covered container with about 2 inches of water. I never add salt, and it will keep well over two weeks.

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      I'm a big fan of French feta. Mine comes in a little tin with brine so I usually just store in the brine. Adding a little water to top it off. I have stored in plain water but it does remove a lot of the salt from the cheese. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you're looking for taste wise. When my french feta has been sitting in plain water it has a wonderful mild sheep taste and is very creamy. A step above the average chevre goat cheese. To retain the salty taste of feta I will make a brine to store it in if I purchased it without brine.

    2. I also store my feta in water, nothing added.
      I find if I change the water occasionally I can make the feta last a bit longer as well.
      The feta is salty enough that it makes it's on brine, when stored in water.

      1. I wrap mine in parchment paper & then put it in a zip bag as I do with all my cheeses. It lasts this way but does seem to get stronger as time goes on which may or may not be a good thing. I usually buy French feta so it gets a little "sheepier".

        1. Also like the idea of just water. Only time not to is when using Bulgarian feta. Very creamy and if stored in water will get less creamy with time as will be washed away, for this type either use little water and turn the cheese daily, or use the ziploc method.

          1. My feta comes in brine, and keeps for months, even, not weeks in the lower/colder part of my fridge, whether I freshen the brine or not. I've done both with good results. If you like it less salty, give it a fresh water soak before use.

            1. My feta is nothing fancy. It just comes in a tight plastic wrapper. I leave it in that and just wrap it up in a plastic bag and put it in the cheese drawer of my frig. But I use it in a week so maybe that's why mine's ok. When I used to put it into water, I found that it "soured" more quickly.

              1. The feta was really mild in taste. Read that just water alone (no salt added) really mellows the flavor out of it. I have enough to try storing several ways. Another question....When adding water, do I need to completely cover it with water, or is an inch or two fine? Thanks again for all info.

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                  The Dodoni I buy at Costco isn't completely covered, but the container is tightly sealed.

                2. I disagree with those who recommend storing feta in plain water, which will leach salt from the cheese and result in an insipid flavor. Furthermore, salt acts as a preservative, so feta stored in brine will last longer than feta in plain water, even though the latter is better than feta not immersed in liquid at all. Basically, if there is not enough salt in the liquid, salt will be drawn out of the cheese and if there is too much salt, it will be pulled into the cheese by osmosis. I find that people who like French feta, which is mild, are more likely to be satisfied with storage in plain water than those who prefer fuller flavored--and saltier--Greek feta, like Mt. Vikos or Dodoni.

                  It can be a bit difficult to hit upon the ratio of salt to water that results in equilibrium (so that the cheese neither loses nor gains salt) and this will no doubt depend somewhat on the variety of feta you buy. I recommend starting with a ratio of one part Kosher salt to eight parts water. Then you can modify the proportion according to taste. If the brine gets discolored or takes on a funky odor, simply discard it and replace with fresh water and salt.

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                    MMMMMMMMmmm... you named my two favorites...

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                      The cheese purchased is "fresh homemade" feta that is very creamy, with little to no salty taste. If I were doing a blind taste test, I would actually guess it was goat cheese, other than the texture. Which is a good thing because I love goat cheese. I was afraid that just storing it in plain water would render it bland. The only info I was able to find online was 1 lb salt to 1 gallon of water. I don't need that much. I will try the ratio you suggested. Thanks!

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                        Since your feta is not very salty, you may want to decrease the proportion of salt in the brine: 1/10 or even 1/12.