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Mar 18, 2011 11:39 AM

The End of the Shrimp is Coming!!!

Do you eat that little bit of meat at the tail of the shrimp? I find myself jousting with my roommate regarding this issue.

On one hand, it's a bit of good shrimp meat, easily harvested with a little squeeze. On the other, it's the @$$ of the shrimp; given that it's still encased in shell, it hasn't been de-veined, and in my house, that means it's inedible.

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  1. I eat it. I can't bear to discard..

    1. I eat the entire shellwhen faced with the nubbin at the end. Not when I am at a cocktail party, mind but the tail portion on grilled shrimp? It's my favorite part. Remember that the shells are used for stock. There's a ton of flavor in there.

      1. Yes!! ~~ Pinch the tail and Enjoy!!

        1. If you examine the following biological diagram of a shrimp, you will notice that its anus is located at the end of this "nubbin:"

          Mmmmmm.... dirty shrimp anus...

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          1. re: tangoking

            Can you write off that this part is also in the court-bullion or the liquid that the shrimp is marinating in? You also overlook the fact that shellfish stocks are made from these anuses. Ever have Lobster Bisque?

            And have you ever eaten lobster tail or crawfish? That meat is a hell of a lot easier to get out than the shrimp's. All ass.

            1. re: Ernie Diamond

              I can hear that shrimp now: "Yeah, well, bite mine too, buddy!"

              Not liking to waste even that bit of butt, I long ago discovered that if I pinch that bit of shell both top and bottom and sideways, then pull the shrimp gently away from the tail, that last bit usually slides right out.

              1. re: Will Owen

                Yep, and it's the sweetest part of the shrimp tail, too.

          2. Perhaps your question is really, "How concerned are you about eating any segment of the shrimp's intestinal tract?"

            I myself don't even bother deveining smaller shrimp, and not even always larger ones, unless I see something that I'd just as soon root out. I get shrimp tail meat whenever it presents itself.

            But this isn't really a rational issue, is it? People vary a lot in how they interpret the imperative to eat "cleanly." There are cultures that won't touch food with with the left hand, presumptively tainted from toilet duties.