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Mar 18, 2011 11:34 AM

last-minute help needed

After three days in Las Vegas, we're stuck for a place to go to dinner tonight -- and, stupidly, forgot to make reservations in advance, so board favorites like Lotus of Siam and Rosemary's are booked up. Anyone have any recommendations for a place in Vegas -- ideally near the MGM Grand (where we're staying) or the Mirage (where we're seeing a show at 9:30) -- that might have room for two at 7:30? For what it's worth, we've already tried Fleur (great food, lousy setting) Border Grill (very salty) and Bouchon at the Venetian (great food, great setting).

(We've got a car, BTW, so we can go off-strip if need be.)

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Border Grill
3950 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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  1. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's twice when last we stayed at MGM and enjoyed it - and I see they have a nice-looking 'Spring Tasting Menu' for just $45. More casual setting than say Bouchon. Lots of pastas on the menu.
    Also at Mirage, we enjoyed eating in the lounge at Japonais - nice setting in the atrium area, kind of hip, really nice cocktails and delicious small plates (and full meals) of Japanese fare.

    I'm sure there are lots of other options but thought I'd offer these in the hotels in question.

    1. P.J. Clarkes, the newer gastropub in Caesar's forum has been getting good reviews. With a 9:30 show at the Mirage, you probably don't want to be driving too far and then trying to get back to the Mirage....not on a Friday night.

      1. Raku

        China Mama

        Los Molcajetes, 1553 North Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, N

        Bachi Burger

        Los Molcajetes
        1553 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

        China Mama
        3420 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

        Bachi Burger
        470 E Windmill Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89123

        1. Sorry I'm too late to help. Just FYI, both Lotus and Rosemary's have bars where you need not have a reservation. The bar at LOS is usually totally empty. At both places, you can order the full menu or just one dish (unless something has changed at Rosemary's of late).

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            Thanks for all the advice. We wound up at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at the MGM. The food was pretty good, although the location -- our table was a few feet away from the gaming floor -- made for a high noise-and-cigarette-smoke level.

            And Dave Feldman, thanks for the tip about Lotus and Rosemary's -- I wish either place had mentioned their bar when I called to ask about reservations. (They both simply said, "We're completely full.") Just curious about Lotus of Siam -- is the bar open at lunchtime? Was thinking of trying to squeeze in a visit there tomorrow afternoon, before our flight home at 4:30.

            Lotus of Siam
            953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

            1. re: tkc

              Unfortunately for you, Lotus is not open at lunch time on weekends.

              1. re: tkc

                QAW steered you right. LOS is open for dinner 7 days a week but closed on Saturday and Sunday for lunch. The bar is always open when the restaurant is open. Many more people eat at the bar at Rosemary's, but they are happy to serve you at either place.

              2. re: Dave Feldman

                Dave, is the bar at LOS usually empty on a Saturday night? I get in on a Saturday afternoon, and would like to mosey around for awhile and not be tied to a reservation.


                1. re: rp1760

                  Frankly, I've only seen a couple of people ever eating at the bar since it's been up (I've been there, perhaps 15-20 times). The restaurant sells so much wine now that the bar is used primarily as a place to open bottles (it's also located near the cellars).

                  I think the original idea for the bar was for it to be a place for people waiting for a table to come and sit, or for regular customers to come for a drink and a dish or two. An extra benefit of sitting at the bar is hanging out with Bank, the wine director, and Ai, the waiter who has the most knowledge of wine. The mood is convivial and a little goofy at times. Like most wine geeks, they love nothing more than talking about wine.

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    Bank is fantastic! We were there last Friday and even though our group knows something about wine we let him make the choices. He did a great job. If you go tell him what you like and your price range and let him go.